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18 vs. 29 Fan MV

Artist: Park Sun Young
Song: Sarang Eun Yoo Ri Gat Eun Gut
Creator: chibimikki


Koizora Fan MV

Artists: Kokia
Song: Arigatou
Creator: chibimikki


Tinh Khuc, Biet Khuc

Artists:1) Ngoc Ha 2) Lam Nhat Tien 3) Thuy Duong 4) Quang Dung
Song: 1) Toc Gio Thoi Bay 2) Mua Tinh Cuoi Dong 3) Moi Hong Dao 4) Mot Lan Nao Cho Toi Gap Lai Em
Creator: chibimikki


Robber Fan MV

Artist:SG Wannabe
Song: As I've Lived
Creator: chibimikki


Sakuran Fan MV

Artist: Miyuki Nakajima
Song: Rouge
Creator: zettaireality


Hello! Miss Fan MV

Artist: J-Walk
Song: Secret
Creator: chibimikki


Farewell My Concubine Fan MV

Artist: Leslie Cheung
Song: Bygone Love
Creator: zettaireality


Tuyet Mien Nhiet Doi (Tropical Snow) Fan MV 2

Artist: Nguyen Hong Nhung
Song: Em Se Nho Mai
Creator: chibimikki

Composer: Duc Tri and Bang Kieu
English Title: I Will Always Remember
Translated by: Mikki

It only took one passionate glance from you
To convince me that it was the shining star in the sky
Falling in this heart with endless love
I hope that shining star will always rest here

I won't forget this moment
And your eyes that never part
A touch of warm lips have glided pass here
Making the world seems to stop suddenly

These moments will always remains within me
Like the glowing stars when night came
You have made me warm again
Despite that there are still coldness within my heart
Please always stay close to me

And I will always remember every heartfelt moments
When you embraced love in your heart
Embracing the ray of light from the cold and bitter days
Giving much warmth to this life

Like a thousand droplets of spring rain
Enriching the young bud of love
Come here with me
So I can always embrace and have you in my life


Tuyet Mien Nhiet Doi (Tropical Snow) Fan MV

Artist: Thuy Tien
Song: Giac Mo Tuyet Trang
Creator: chibimikki


Coffee Prince Fan MV 3

Artist: Lee Sun Gyun and Tearliner
Song: Ocean Travel
Creator: chibimikki