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18 vs. 29’s Memorable Quotes

Episode 1
[After the accident]
Sang Young: You told me to piss off and live my own life, and this is how you live your life?!
Hye Chan: Excuse me…..Who are you?
Sang Young: So now we are strangers?

Sang Young: What is your problem? You said that you wanted to forget my name. Now you want to forget your husband's face?
Hye Chan: Hus….Hus….Are you crazy?

[Hye Chan inside her old house]
House Owner: Darling!
Hye Chan: Who are you?
House Owner: Eh? Sorry… [confused] Excuse me….Is this not number 110-3 Chang Chun Town?
Hye Chan: Yes…
House Owner: Who the hell are you?!! This is MY house!!

Hye Chan: [To a police officer] Ajusshi, ajusshi, help me! These are the organ thieves. AJUSSHI! AJUSHHHHIIIII!!!!
Sang Young: Please don't do this, you'll cause an accident. Hye Chan! YOO HYE CHAN!! Why are you acting this way? Are you determined to embarrass me?
Hye Chan: Why are you doing this to me ajusshi? Why are you kidnapping an innocent person?
Sang Young: Please just stop calling me ajusshi! How am I your ajusshi?! You are older than me by 2 months!!

Hye Won: Hye Chan, please don't cry. I'm here! Your little sister Hye Won!
Hye Chan: My Hye Won had a flat nose and small eyes!
Hye Won: Bloody hell...With my bonus last year, I had my face redone!
[Flatten her nose and makes her eyes smaller]
Hye Won: Look, look. Can you see? Can you see my old face?

Hye Chan: There must have been a misunderstanding. I'm not the person you are looking for. You've got the wrong person.
Sang Young: YOO HYE CHAN!! Your social security number is…770809-2......4......Anyway, you wrap yourself in the blanket when you go to sleep right? You always brush your teeth sitting on the toilet, and I also know that your bum cheeks are uneven. Are you still going to deny it?

Hye Won: [To Hye Chan] Are you deliberately putting on this act to punish Sang Young? [...] Geez I didn't even realise and I was stressing all day! Damn! I got my wrinkles treated yesterday. Repay me for the treatment!

Yoon Oh (Sang Young's Manager): [To Sang Young] You finally decided to show up. Say that you are really sorry to Director Bang. I told him that your wife was suffering from breathing….Put on a dying expression!

[Looking into the bathroom mirror]
Hye Chan: I got my haired permed. I have wrinkles on my face too. Twenty-Nine? Husband? With that man? Ah, impossible!


7 Things Women Should Know About Men

From: My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon

  1. Good men aren't good looking.
  2. Good looking men are jerks.
  3. Good looking men who aren't jerks are already married.
  4. Good looking men with good personality and single...are poor.
  5. Good looking, nice, single and rich men...aren't interested in us.
  6. Men who are good looking, nice, single, rich, and interested in us...are players.
  7. Good looking, nice, single, rich men who interested in us, and aren't players...are gay.