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Mars MV

Artist: Alan Kuo
Song: Ling (Zero)


Goong- Destiny Fan MV

Artist: Jim Brickman & Christina Aguilera
Song: Destiny
Creator: hanjieun30


Goong MV

Artist: Howl & J
Song: Perhaps Love (Sarang In Ga Yo)


Full House Fan MV

Artist: Oon Myung
Song: Why
Creator: Unknown


Utada Hikaru- Colors MV

Lyrics Translation
The mirror that reveals my dreams
Raises my spirits unnoticed

When it's said "it's possible to go anywhere,"
My fragmented wishes are marked entirely in gray

The swaying flames paint my dreams tonight
The tip of your brush isn't dried up?

The blue sky can be seen if you open your blue umbrella
That isn't good? The canvas is yours
I'll abandon time as I hold a white flag overhead
In order for deep red to invite the matador now

Colors fade under a flourescent lamp
On the black and white of the chessboard, we met by chance

The time we lost our way, we nestled close
Do you recall that month?

Watching the orange colors of the setting sun with you was wonderful
Your mouth was an origin of catastrophe
Black clothes are only worn when praying for the deceased
The mark of rouge leaves behind deep red purposely

In myself, I see no dreams, like unpainted pictures
How many times must I fill this canvas?
I'll abandon time as I hold a white flag overhead
I am your unknown color now


Leon Lai- Everlasting Love MV


Leon Lai- Listen Body Sing MV


Park Ji Yoon- Adult Ceremony MV


Se7en- Passion MV

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Bi (Rain)- Sad Tango

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