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Gavy NJ- She Cried MV

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1Tym- Without You MV

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Winter Story MV

Artists: Shin Hyesung & Lyn
Song: Love...Afterward


9 Souls (2003)

9 Souls

Japanese Title: ナインソウルズ (Nain Souruzu)
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Life
Starring: Matsuda Ryuhei, Harada Yoshio, Yamada Mame, Kunimura Jun, Chihara Koji, Itao Itsuji, Kee, and Onimaru
Screenwriter: Toshiaki Toyoda
Director: Toshiaki Toyoda

Nine prisoners manage to escape from prison in hopes of finding a secret treasure whose location was revealed by the tenth prisoner that was taken away by the prison guards. Together all nine of them, each guilty of different crimes, goes out into the real world. While being careful not to get caught by wearing weird disguises, often dressing in drag, and taking on obscure identities, each of them realize that the journey is more than it seems. Each prisoner has his own dreams and troubles that he escaped from previously, and now that they're back in the real world, they must learn to face every single of them. A journey that's less about the treasure and more about the prisoners making up the loose ends in their life as well as finding that special something to make them whole again.
Source: Eversky.org

Rating: A+ (Masterpiece)
Rewatch Factor: High
Comment: At hearing the words "prison break" one might think that this movie is like The Shawshank Redemption. However, this movie takes on a whole different turn with a not-so-happy yet surreal outcome. This movie is a really awesome movie but it takes patience to watch this movie, especially the first forty minutes. The first forty minutes are very slow-paced and it's very easy for anyone to be frustrated and confused at the amount of lead characters. The first forty minutes of this film is like the opening of an adventure as the director lets the viewer in on each character, what motivates them, what they want from life, and the various details of their crimes. However, there is still that ounce of mystery to every single character because in the end, it's difficult to say whether or not one truly understands them. Despite that, the introduction contains some tiny and necessary details that just adds more to the brilliance of the movie.

After the forty minutes is when this movie really begins and it is when the viewer will truly see the masterpiece unveiling before his or her eyes. It is so easy to be sucked into this movie as one watches as each character tries to make up the loose ends but still couldn't escape from the vast scrutiny that society gives them. From here on do the viewer truly learns why each prisoner decides to escape, whether to see a loved one or to atone for their past sins. It seems the only one that doesn't fit into this circle is Michiru (Matsuda Ryuhei). There are many scenes in this movie that are so surreal, breathtaking, and heartbreaking. That's not to say that this movie is entirely serious. There is a bit of humor in the movie especially when the characters dress in drag and some of the dialogue is very funny. What adds more to this movie is the strong performance by the lead actors and once again, I am impressed with Matsuda Ryuhei's acting once more. Because of Ryuhei's character role, one who rarely speaks and rarely does anything, he fades into the background easily, but once it is his time to shine, he changes from a typical wall flower to a different man altogether. To sum it up, this movie combines surrealism, psychology, and human struggles all in one masterpiece. If you are expecting kick-ass action from this film, you will be disappointed. Instead of action, this film takes a pyschological approach on what makes a person simply a person. Anyone and everyone need to see this film, and not just once either.


Fly, Daddy, Fly (2006)

Fly Daddy Fly

Korean Title: 플라이 대디 (Peul-lai Dae-di)
Genre: Drama, Family, Life
Starring: Lee Moon Shik, Lee Jun Ki, Poppin Hyeon Joon, Lee Yeon Soo, Kim So Eun
Screenwriter: Choi Jong-Tae
Director: Choi Jong-Tae

An ordinary businessman in his forties, Jang Ga Pil (Lee Moon Shik) returns home one day to find his daughter sexually molested by high school boxing star, Kang Tae Wook. Realizing that he has neither the money nor the background, Ga Pil couldn't stand up for his daughter like he said he would. With his father-daughter ties being threatened, he realizes that he must do something. He finally resorts to appear at Tae Wook's high school in an attempt to stab the guy but instead encounters another student, Go Seung Suk. Seung Suk agrees to teach Ga Pil how to box so that Ga Pil can teach Tae Wook a lesson and earn back his dignity as a father.
Source: iHeartJunKi.com

Rating: A- (Great)
Rewatch Factor: Medium
Comment: At first this sounds like a typical hero story where an unlikely guy goes to prove himself and probably ends up victorious in the end. The bad side is that it is just that kind of movie. The good side is that it has other elements that seperates it from other movies of similar genre. There are rarely any movies that portray a father-daughter relationship where a father is willing to risk his life to protect his daughter in such extreme ways. This movie has it and that's one of its key points. This movie does at a great job at emphasizing that Ga Pil used to be the average man working in an average company and loves his family very much. He doesn't deserve to come home one day finding out that his daughter was beat up by a bunch of punks. He doesn't know what to do especially when it's obvious that the punk's family is higher in status than him. Lee Moon Shik does a great job at portraying this father role. I could seriously feel his frustration at his own failure to protect his only daughter. Not only that, but Ga Pil's relationship with Seung Suk is like friends or even like a father and son. Seung Suk teaches Ga Pil to fight so that Ga Pil can regain his confidence and dignity. Seung Suk's past is revealed in the middle of the movie and that is one powerful and emotional scene. I think that Lee Jun Ki does a fantastic job at portraying Seung Suk, a mysterious adolescent with a painful and traumatizing past. One of the movie's highlights is the acting by these two main leads. It's true that the basic plot isn't anything original but it's the elements and other details that sets this movie apart from the rest. This movie is very enjoyable and a person doesn't really have to think much when watching it. It's a great movie that anyone can watch with their friends and family.


J- The Saddest Word MV

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