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Nhat Truong & Dang The Luan – Bien Man

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Composer: Tran Thien Thanh
English Title: Salty Sea
Translated by: Gigi

As high as Truong Son, (1)
Nurturing love and care, the water exits from its source.
Searching for the Eastern Sea,
love becomes the waves of the Pacific Ocean.
And every misty night, the waves' claps return,
lulling the homeland to sleep.
But the homeland hasn't slept, not when bombs and bullets
everywhere are humiliating in the crops in the water.

I awake every tender night,
yet I can hear the salt mingling in my heart.
Mother is the Mother Ocean,
crying out from the front bank to the back waterfall.
The years pass by quickly (2), the wind of the salty sea
nourished me into a wise person.
Then at the age of twenty-one, I joined the army,
but my heart hasn't loved anybody yet.

My lover, I only recently met her.
When the army made a stop in a region that was welcoming autumn.
The desolate region, shadows of the coconut, the vast shore of sand.
Wind rises every golden evening; she let loose her hair on the blue ocean.
My lover used to always cry during the evening rain,
when the blue color of the salty sea chiseled into colors of clouds.
She said, "Because I love you, I want our story to be blue like
the color of the sea of love in a really, really pretty morning sky."

I came and left.
Away from my life is the long-lasting war.
Devoted to this life as a young man,
overcoming the vast moor hiding and sheltering the blue sea.
A beauty that's similar to what's inside a painting,
the mud-covered heels helped the rice paddies grow greener.
In every countless army missions, I passed by a dried region.
My sweat becomes the salty sea on my lips.

Translation Notes
(1) What I don't understand is whether or not the composer said the mountain (Truong Son) is really high or that the water is as high as the mountain. I went with the second meaning.
(2) The original Vietnamese phrase is "tui troi qua mau" in which "tui troi" means "age of Heaven (or sky)" and "qua mau" meaning "pass by quickly." It's a poetic phrase with "tui troi" acting as a metaphor for the years of a person's life.


Truong Vu – Han Mac Tu

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The Story of Han Mac Tu
Han Mac Tu was a famous and talented Vietnamese poet. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 28 due to leprosy. He was born in a poor family and his father died when he was young. He wrote many love poems during his lifetime, and a lot of his poems depicted his love affairs with many women, some he met and some he only knew by name. One of the women featured in his poetry is Mong Cam, who is his lover. He loved her a lot. However, they couldn't be together because of his social status, and his struggle with leprosy. Mong Cam was later forced by her family to marry someone else while Mac Tu returned to Quy Nhon and died there.

Composer: Tran Thien Thanh
English Title: Han Mac Tu
Translated by: Gigi

Poem: (0)
Anyone wants to buy the moon? I will sell it to you.
The moon nestles quietly on the willow branch waiting.
Anyone wants to buy the moon? I will sell it to you.
Rather, I'm selling a destined love in hopes of a promise. (1)

The road up the rocky slope, in the middle of the night,
under the waning moon, reminiscing the story from long ago.
That Prince Pavilion, where the footsteps of Han Mac Tu once treaded by.
The moon's image suspends, tilting a little.
The vast seashore of sand seems more deserted.
The bird's voice cries out in pain,
as though it's about to break under the sky's mist.
Leaves drop, drop towards where?
Why are thoughts appearing of his footsteps
finding its place under a melancholic night?

The road up the rocky slope,
reminiscing how the couple have arrived here once.
A love that just budded.
Feeling sympathy towards him, his life as a disabled person.
Regretting, in his place, for his being,
a man who hasn't experienced even half of his lifetime.
Blaming, in his place, towards a thread of fate
that wasn't colored warm before suddenly dissolving.
This soul madly swaying in grief, causing Heaven and Earth
to also mourn for him, but the pain is his own.

Han Mac Tu escaped back to his old homeland,
hiding himself in a deserted house.
"Oh, Mong Cam, don't feel regret anymore.
It'd only make us both sad. (2)
Our love is over. Please, just this promise.
We'll be together in the next lifetime.
What is left now? This wilted body.
Please let me be, let me be alone."

Searching within the depths of loneliness
The thin soil in Quy Nhon greeted his footsteps.
People back then all knew about that one old place where the roads
were filled with wedding firecrackers tied in knots with flowers.
In the distant, deserted home,
Han silently listened to the moon shattering.
Pitying his desolated self, until came that one evening.
Heaven and Earth, as though spinning in madness,
when a soul detached, soaring up high.
What's left of Mac Tu now?

The golden, pearl moon, the moon of love hasn't filled to its heart's content. (3)
I gaze at the moon, with pity and compassion tightening around the moon.

Translation Notes
(0) This part here is from one of Han Mac Tu's poems.
(1) The word here is "hen ho" which means to make a date with. But in this sense, Mac Tu is not looking for someone to date. He's looking for a soul mate, an everlasting love (that's tied by fate), therefore, "promise" sounds better.
(2) The phrase here "tui cho nhau ma thoi" and it was a bit hard to translate this. I managed to go with a similar English saying.
(3) The verb here is "phi" and for just one word, it means a a lot in English. This verb means "to eat/fill to one's hearts content." This phrase here, if the moon represents Han Mac Tu's love, means that Han Mac Tu's love hasn't been fulfilled completely. After all, Mong Cam married someone else.


Quang Le – Dap Vo Cay Dan

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English Translation
Translated by: Gigi

Breaking the Guitar (1)

Breaking the guitar; resenting life, [I] break this guitar (2)
Oh, beloved; oh, beloved! Oh, love; oh, love! (3)
Breaking the guitar, resenting life for being silvery white like lime (4)
[I'm] Enraged at the person who forgot her promise

Breaking the guitar, [I'm] enraged at the girl who loved it
So depressing, so depressing! How can it subside?
Breaking the guitar, [I'm] enraged at the person who exchanged white for black (5)
[I'm] Resenting life's turning events for it's like the turning of a hand (6)

The story of the days that passed: I met a girl
who carried a sorrowful singing voice
She told me, "You should learn the guitar
so that the guitar can accompany me when I sing
for all the days of flowery dreams of our life."

I loved her, so I quickly left for the city
Finding places where I can learn the guitar
After a year, I returned home
but the girl from long ago has left already

I asked around from people to people in the neighborhood finding her
Where is she, where is she? Where is she, where is she?
Someone broke the sad news that she met a famous musician
and started a family with him

I felt a sting of love for her, and then I sobbed out of love for myself
What's left of life? Farewell, guitar!
Breaking the guitar, [I'm] enraged at the person who exchanged white for black
[I'm] Resenting life's turning events for it's like the turning of a hand.

Translation Notes:
(0) All of the words in brackets are not part of the original lyrics. The composer rarely uses "I" in the lyrics since in Vietnamese, you don't have to use "I" all the time if people know that you are the one talking. So the I's in brackets are just there for grammatical reasons. The ones without the brackets are part of the original lyrics.
(1) The Vietnamese title is "Dap Vo Cay Dan". The word "dan" in the title is an ambiguous word. It refers any musical instrument that you only play with your hands (guitar, piano, and other traditional Vietnamese instruments). I just translated to guitar since it is the one that you break by smashing/beating it. That is what the "Dap Vo" part means in the title: "dap" means to smash or beat and "vo" means to break. I used break since it sounds better than "smash/beat."
(2) The verb that the composer uses here is "gian" meaning "to be mad at", "to resent", etc. And throughout the entire song, he uses this verb to express his emotions towards life and the girl. Since it has a different meaning depending on whatever/whoever receiving the verb, I translated into two similar words in English. The composer "resents" life and is "enraged" at the girl who betrayed him.
(3) I wasn't sure how to translated the "Nguoi oi, nguoi oi!" part. Well, "nguoi" means person but he's using it to refer to the girl he loved, so I used the noun "beloved." I did not want to use "love" (person), because the next part "Tinh oi, tinh oi!" he is really referring to "love" (thing).
(4) The "lime" here is not the fruit. It is the chemical lime (calcium oxide), which is a grayish (silver) white, odorless soluble solid. I'm guessing the meaning here is that the composer meant that life is colorless, lacks meaning, and so forth.
(5) That is the literal translation. It is the Vietnamese metaphor "a person exchanging white for black". The "white" here means the composer, his love, etc. while the "black" here means "the famous musician." The girl betrayed the composer's love by marrying the famous musician (who can also provide her a stable lifestyle). In other words, she traded love for security, and in doing so, she betrayed the composer.
(6) That is also the literal translation, and it's a Vietnamese simile. A person can easily turn their hands back and forth (back to palm, palm to back), and life's event can also turn quickly so easily. Life's twisted, turning event is referring to how the composer went to learn the guitar for the girl he loved only to come back to the fact that she didn't wait for him (a slap to the face) and instead married a famous musician (another slap to the face).


JJ Lin – Killer (Uncensored Version)


A pair of perfect hands,
neither sweating nor trembling
Criss-crossed behind a gentle smile
is a hidden, dangerous persona

When you are most relaxed,
I would, without any feelings,
do the deed never looking back.

In the beginning, you will feel
不会痛 不会痛
no pain, no pain at all
放大的瞳孔 就像作梦
Viewed through your enlarged pupils, it is just like a dream

The false sense of happiness
很温暖 很包容
is very warm, and very accomodating
Perhaps you are even looking forward to this.

This is a life-destroying impulse.
你不懂 我不懂
You do not know, nor do I,
The reason that killers exist.
因为爱 还是未知的未来
Because of love, or that love is an unknown future.

I feel relaxed,
when I'm more than 300m away from you.

(N'ayez pas, n'ayez pas, n'ayez pas peur.)
(Do not, do not, do not be afraid)

Counting my heartbeat, I wait,
discarding all thoughts
锁进来 进来
Locking in, in,
this beautiful tragedy
这是爱 就是爱
This is love, this must be love,
but in the whole world, no one else understands.

I feel relaxed,
when I'm more than 300m away from you.

(Qu'est-ce que c'est? C'est la vie, c'est la mort.)
(What is this? This is life and this is death)

I feel an unbearable hunger;
I need you to fill the emptiness in me.
锁进来 进来
Locking in, in,
这是爱 就是爱
this beautiful tragedy.
这是爱 就是爱
This is love, this must be love,
Only you would understand.

English Translation by: telly @ Chinese Music Blog

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My Tam – Nu Hon Bat Ngo

English Translation
Translated by: Gigi

Dialogue: And up next, I would like to introduce a new song that I wrote from my emotions from a kiss. Like one day that person placed on my lips a kiss. Thank you. Honestly, I wasn't even prepared for that, but my reaction was a bit confused, but also a weird feeling because that was a very unexpected kiss! And that is also the title for this next song that I want to introduce to you all right now. This song that I composed myself is called "An Unexpected Kiss."

An Unexpected Kiss

I remember that time when we met
but it seemed like we didn't want to say "hi"
We waited, for days we just ignored each other
We disliked each other in the beginning
Who would have thought about the future?
I continued to ignore this unexpected love

Now I finally know that love has started when my laughter soared
You were amazed by it; you pretended that you didn't know

You made a date with me, then you only said vague words,
You poked fun at me all night without saying anything else
Then one night, you held my hand longer
causing my heart to suddenly feel nervous
We lifted our face and looked into each other's eyes

The moon is waning, night fell as we walked
It's as if it's telling me that's all there is to it
Yet why did we sat together? And you gently kissed my lips
It was warm and intoxicating, a kiss like the clouds

Oh, first kiss, you make me happy, you make me crazy

Now I know that there was someone who secretly liked me
Looking at each other for a long time, you kissed my lips

Oh, first kiss, you make me happy,
I couldn't say anything; I listened to the beating of my heart
Oh, first kiss, you make me crazy
I don't want us to be apart; I only want us to be together.


Daisy Fan MV

Artist: Hey
Song: Daisy
Creator: zettaireality