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Huong Giang – Mot Minh

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Song Title: Alone
Composer: Lam Phuong
Translated by: Gigi

Awakened from slumber early tomorrow, I look around by myself.
Sunlight flashes outside the window sill; a flock of birds stir.
Who can hear my thoughts as I speak of my sorrow?

Sunlight pierces through leaves; a dewdrop separates from a branch.
Life is so faint and slender; what's the point in telling my story?
Grieving over my love, the sun unexpectedly extinguishes.

The ancient road with the familiar path; the deceitful love you carry.
Love tied by fate with one hundred causes, one tangled lifetime.
Trying to find love in heaps and piles lying about in disorder.
How long would it be until our hair turn silver?
Meeting each other by chance, looking at each other with guilt.
What would be left to give to one another then?

Morning, afternoon, evening, and night; looking around by myself.
That familiar road didn't arrive, finding each other with reluctance.
It's only because my life has yet to have dawn.


Tuyet Mien Nhiet Doi (Tropical Snow) Fan MV 2

Artist: Nguyen Hong Nhung
Song: Em Se Nho Mai
Creator: chibimikki

Composer: Duc Tri and Bang Kieu
English Title: I Will Always Remember
Translated by: Mikki

It only took one passionate glance from you
To convince me that it was the shining star in the sky
Falling in this heart with endless love
I hope that shining star will always rest here

I won't forget this moment
And your eyes that never part
A touch of warm lips have glided pass here
Making the world seems to stop suddenly

These moments will always remains within me
Like the glowing stars when night came
You have made me warm again
Despite that there are still coldness within my heart
Please always stay close to me

And I will always remember every heartfelt moments
When you embraced love in your heart
Embracing the ray of light from the cold and bitter days
Giving much warmth to this life

Like a thousand droplets of spring rain
Enriching the young bud of love
Come here with me
So I can always embrace and have you in my life


Tuyet Mien Nhiet Doi (Tropical Snow) Fan MV

Artist: Thuy Tien
Song: Giac Mo Tuyet Trang
Creator: chibimikki


Kim Bum Soo- Memory MV


Sy Phu – Niem Khuc Cuoi

English Translation by: Gigi
English Title: The Last Whispered Prayers
Composer: Ngo Thuy Mien

Even if rain fall, I will accompany you for the rest of your life.
Even if clouds or rising storms should pass by here.
Even if there's the wind, the freezing wind, the muddy snow,
or the thin, fallen leaves. Whatever happens, I'll always love you.

Let's lean on each other's shoulders,
giving each other a calming happiness
and a lasting warmth for the rest of our lives.
Let's search for each other's lips,
so we can shatter, shatter our pained hearts.
Fitted into my palms, this wish for eternity.
Your tangled hair dyed gray, a wound from a sorrowful love.
Looking at you, looking at you at that minute,
I wanted to say, "I love you."

Please let me become like a calming slumber.
Rocking you into sleep, guiding you just once.
Lulling you into a dream, escorting you into life,
Into a time of love.

Please let you become like a soft pillow,
And let me embrace you into my heart.
Please give me one chance, one warm, heartfelt night,
so we can love each other tenderly like husband and wife.

Even if in the future, someone else accompanies you for the rest of your life,
Even if you tear, innocently tear my heart into pieces,
Even if I were to pray, pray a thousand times, and blame myself,
Everything would be too late now.
Oh, love! Despite all that, I'll always love you.