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Tim & Minh Hang- Mot Vong Trai Dat MV


Goi Giac Mo Ve (2007)

Goi Giac Mo Ve

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, School, Slice-of-Life
Starring: Minh Hang, Huynh Dong, Ngan Khanh, Tan Phat
Screenwriters: Hoang Anh Group
Director: Xuan Cuong
Episodes: 66

Goi Giac Mo Ve, roughly translated in English as "Calling Dreams to Return", is a drama about the lives of the people on a small and developing island called "Long Hai". In particular, the drama follows the lives of four young high school students named Phung, Quan, Vy, and Minh. Phung is a clumsy girl, who does not excel in many things from academic to appearance, despite coming from a well-to-do family. On the other hand, Quan (the "bad boy") comes from a poor family, who always struggling with work and school. Vy is the "rose with thorns", in school she uphold the image of the popular, well like, and perfect student. She always striving to better herself and to escape her family background, no matter the cost. Finally, Minh is the richest and most popular guy in school, who seems to have a Prince Charming Complex--he likes to rescue damsels in distress and often are undecided about his romantic feelings.

One day, the lives of these four high school students along with their dreams began to change when there was talk of a plan to build a resort on the island. What will happen to the once humble and peaceful island? What will happen to the people on the island? And what will become of Phung, Quan, Vy, and Minh when they began to see there exist other worlds outside of the island that they called home?
Source: Eversky.org

Rating: A- (Great)
Rewatch Factor: High
Comment: It has been a while that I become excited and addicted to a Vietnamese drama. The fact that I finished this 66-episodes drama in just four days is truly a testament of how much I enjoyed watching this drama. Unlike, some of the recent Viet dramas that I seen that was heavily influenced by the "Korean wave", this drama never try to be something that it is not. I appreciate the earnest portrayal that this drama gives about the less-than-glamorous life of many people who still live in poor area in Viet Nam, especially people who live on island where the main way to make money is through fishing. Despite being a drama that mainly focuses on teens and teens' issues, it does not come off as superficial or "conjured up". There is a lot of hearts and laughters in this drama, all came very natural. From the conversations high school students have with each other to everyday conversation between parents and their kids--nothing seems force and everything seems real. I also must commend this drama for bringing up controversial issue (from teen pregnancy to sexual orientation) in a fair view and not in a preachy tone.

Another thing I love about this drama is the great actings. Minh Hang in particular was able to show me that she has grown as an actress. She definitely has finer acting skill and more confidence in the role that she played than when she was in Cai Bong Ben Chong. In short, her role as a mischievous and clumsy Phung is lovable and believable. Huynh Dong also gave me a good surprise for being very natural in his role as Quan. I love the on-screen chemistry between him and Minh Hang--as Phung started to fall for Quan so did I. The supporting cast was also well-picked for this drama, everyone managed to hold their own ground and bring to life their character whether through tears or laughters.

Needless to say, this drama has restored my interest in Viet drama. Hopefully, in the future there will be more dramas with substance like this one and not just soulless dramas with only pretty-face cast. In sum, if you're Vietnamese and you haven't watched this drama yet you're missing out on something great!


PBN 88 Hop Ca – Doan Nguoi Lu Thu

Composer: Lam Phuong
English Title: A Brigade of Soldiers
Translated By: Gigi

Over there is the gloomy, deep forest beneath the evening mist
Our train is traveling along a winding track under the night’s full moon
Our hearts filled with joy during this night, let us gather together
Beside one another we'll sing forever to forget the long road ahead

As we go into the late hours of the night, the old forest is silently hearing our voices.
Our voices unite with the clouds in the vast sky, so bright and dreamy
Overcoming thousands of perilous miles, our ambition vows to endure
When leaving on our journey, we only hope for a splendid tomorrow

Oh! Do stop by, clouds of the quiet night; where are you headed?
Oh! Even clouds understand how the North is filled with suffering across the fields
Oh, forest! The moon shines brightly across our many regions
The moon is coloring our surroundings with music, warmth and happiness.
A spring-filled love overflows around us with distant hopes and dreams
But no one knows whether life is just a dream

Soon, the siren will sound and vibrate, tearing apart the curtain of mist
Nervous hearts within the deep forest, as we stay awake under the night
A brigade of soldiers hazily walking, not knowing where the shore is
Walking to build adequate food and shelter, humane, and freedom

Even if the road is still long and vast ahead, let's pass through the hills
Even if there are wide oceans and deep forests, there's no need to hesitate
Soon, there will be a day when mountains and rivers embrace a song of peace
Blue birds will twitter as they celebrate the return of our brigade
Blue birds will twitter as they celebrate a glorious day of our return.


Gia Huy & Da Nhat Yen – Con Rong Chau Tien

Composer: Truc Ho
English Title: Children of Dragons, Descendants of Gods
Translated By: Gigi

Vietnam, the sound of my country
Thousands of years ago, in the middle of a rising stream
Dragons and gods, from the mountains to the distant sea
Father and mother are at two separate places
This sorrow and pain, when will it subside?

Oh, the singing of Lac Long Quan resounding to the mountains
The singing of Mother Au Co from the infinite sky to the vast sea
Under the flag of Van Lang, the splendid vestiges of Vietnam
Living with a thousand vicissitudes, an infinite Heaven and Earth
Living with a thousand vicissitudes, an infinite Heaven and Earth

Oh, beloved Vietnam, treacherous roads covered in blood and bones
Overcoming every pain, miseries, and sorrows
Let's lead each other, children of dragons, descendants of gods

Let us return here, children of dragons, descendants of gods
Let us raise the peak of our fiery torches
Our hands grasping tightly as we step forward
Leading each other with a warm-hearted love
We are of one heart.

Oh, the singing of Lac Long Quan resounding to the mountains
The singing of Mother Au Co from the infinite sky to the vast sea
Under the flag of Van Lang, the splendid vestiges of Vietnam
Living with a thousand vicissitudes, an infinite Heaven and Earth
Living with a thousand vicissitudes, an infinite Heaven and Earth

Oh, every piece of efficacious souls
Every Vietnamese girl is loyal
The sound of drums during the Tay Son battle
Disabling the enemies to puzzlement
Eternal is the valiant soul of Quang Trung in mountains and hills
Determined to protect our country

Oh, eternal is the face of the mirror
Shining brightly on the souls of our race
Eternal is the peak of the fiery torch maintaining the soul of Van Lang
There will be a day when the sun rises and darkness ceases to exist
There will be a day of glory for the country of Vietnam.

Translator's Notes: This song refers the creation myth of Vietnam as well as ancient Vietnamese history. So I'll simply explain each of them one by one.

The Creation Myth of Vietnam: Lac Long Quan, a dragon lord, is considered the Father of the Vietnamese people. His wife, Au Co, an immortal goddess ('tien'), is considered the Mother of the Vietnamese people. Au Co gave birth to a sac containing 100 eggs from which 100 children are born. Lac Long Quan took 50 children with him towards the sea while Au Co took 50 children with her to the mountains. The eldest son, who followed his father, later established himself as the first monarch, Hung Vuong. This is why Vietnamese refer to themselves as children of dragons, descendants of gods (con rong chau tien).

Van Lang: Van Lang was what Vietnam was called when it was first established as kingdom under Hung Vuong. The people of Van Lang were referred to as Lac Viet.

Tay Son Movement & Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue):Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue) is revered by the Vietnamese people as a hero for defeating the last invasion by the Chinese forces. He is remembered as a military leader of astounding prowess and an inspiring reformer in political leadership who personified the brilliant rise and rapid fall of the Tay Son Movement. He is always seen as a champion of the Vietnamese people and a defender of the country against any foreign invasion. Quang Trung's victory against the Qing army is usually celebrated on the 5th day of Lunar New Year every year.


Lam Thuy Van – Khi Ta Xa Roi Nhau

Composer: Truc Ho
English Title: The Moment We Separated
Translated By: Gigi

Even though I already knew that you don't truly love me
But I don't have the heart to forget you
Like rain on this life, everything will soon pass by
Please be sincere even if it's just once

Autumn came amidst a disappearing love
My heart continues to miss even if it tried so hard to forget
Those words of love, those promises, now drift with the golden leaves
We loved so suddenly, that's why we lost each other so early

My love, the moment we separated
My heart wrenched in pain, shattered to pieces
My love, the moment you distant yourself from me
My soul hazily searched for the past... just to forget

Tomorrow you'll leave towards the bright future
My love, please remember me just once
Why...? Why...? Why did we lose each other?

Because the sun cannot be divided into two halves
And because the moon is fated to loneliness for centuries
Because the sun cannot be divided into two halves
And because the moon is fated to loneliness for centuries.