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Gummy- I’m Sorry ft. T.O.P. MV


MtoM- Completely Black MV

I love this video. It has all of the elements that I love in a movie: suspense, horror, mystery, and a story of undying love.

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Big Bang- Lies MV


Big Bang- Last Farewell MV


SG Wannabe- Stay MV

One of my all-time favorite songs by SG Wannabe. The MV can be confusing for those who did not get the gist of the story. The MV told a story about a girl who refused to accept the death of her boyfriend. When she wear her eye-patch (signifies her inability to face reality) she saw the images of her boyfriend through other guys she met. However, when she removed her eye-patch she is confronted with the reality that the guy in front of her is not her boyfriend and that her boyfriend is dead.


Kim Jong Kook- Saying You Love Me MV

This video featuring the lovely Xman's couple Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook (althought you can't see his face in the MV). The MV is about a girl who is still in love with her old boyfriend and couldn't stop thinking about her past relationship even though she is currently in a new relationship.


Nhat Tinh Anh & Khanh Ngoc – Vang Trang Khoc MV

Composer: Nguyen Van Chung
English Title: Crying Moon
Translated by: Gigi

Nothing is left, my love
Those days when we were side-by-side without a moment apart
We both sat on the sand, watching the sea at night..
Singing nonchalantly the words from a love song

My heart is depressed because of longing, because of pain
Why did we have to drift away so fast?
Life is full of windy storms, full of bitterness
Where can we find our love now?

So my dear, please don't wait for me or miss me anymore
Don't feel any regret for it will only cause you more pain
Our love has already withered away
Both of us are in two separate places

I sit here by myself
The crying moon sheds a stream of tears
I'm regretting for myself, for you, and for all of the love I gave..
Lonely winter winds...

There's no need to cry, because I already understand
Nobody would want to leave on two divided roads tomorrow
Love arrived only to part suddenly
Only so many people can be happy with their loved one for a lifetime

I think that when you find yourself a newfound love
You will then forget about these feelings of affection
I wish you happiness with the person you'll soon meet...
...who will always be with you and love you faithfully

So my dear, please don't wait for me or miss me anymore
Don't feel any regret for it will only cause you more pain
Our love has already withered away
Both of us are in two separate places

If we happen to meet in the near future
Please let us exchange a few words to each other
Just so we won't forget the pleasant memories...
...that our past love has given to us; our very first dreams.


Le Thu- Tinh Khuc Chieu Mua

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Composer: Nguyen Anh 9
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: Love Melody for a Rainy Afternoon

Love dies...waiting for no one!
Love departs...unexpectedly!
Love already...faded in colors...what's left?!

Love unintentionally...gave to you
Even though...it is broken now
Dear Love...I asked for the rest of my life...to be alone!

Which rainy afternoons...where we walked side by side
Believing our love was overflowing...eagerly dreaming of a future
For our first experience of love..to always last
For our first love relationship not to have any heartache!

Now, I am alone this afternoon...one lonely shadow
The raindrops fall drearily...bitterly freezing my heart
The rain falls coldly...dissolving the footprints of the past
Now, my faith in love...is given back to my old love

Love failed...Thus love becomes joyless
Love departed...Thus love becomes sorrowful
Love...has faded in colors...love hurts!

A last word...for this love venture
Even though...there are already countless torments
The heart...still loves for the rest of its life...Oh Love!