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Quang Dung & Thanh Ha – Co Ua

Composer: Lam Phuong
English Title: Withered Grass
Translated By: Gigi

If you still remember my name, please recall it within your dreams
If there's any bit of love left, please let it echo throughout
Am I still in love because there are times I reminisce on the past?
I'm truly forgetting everything, yet why is my heart still waiting?

Ever since you left me, I drown my miseries and sorrows with wine
A white cloth hung across my bedroom, as if I'm in mourning (1)
Turbulent storms collided the day you returned to that place
While I'm here still drunk on my sorrow every lonely night

One evening, you recited a poem on a hill
Even the grasses felt lovesick as they withered into a golden color
I weaved my own dreams with every sound of my guitar next to my loved one
That's when I realized that I had fallen in love

Oh, my "friend", this fairy tale of ours has diminished
Our love is like dust, I only hope for us to be together
I buried my head in my shoulders so I could hear my life shatter
I shouldn't hold onto the past; it'll only make me feel miserable.

Translator's Note:
Lam Phuong was one of the famous Vietnamese composer pre-Vietnam War. He wrote a lot of songs pre-war and sold them for lots of money. However, post-war he fled overseas and lost everything he had. During this time that he was poor, his wife hastily left him. He wrote this song during this incident along with another famous song called "Lam" (Mistake) with a verse that read "Anh da lam dua em sang day" (I was mistaken when I brought you over here).

(1) In Vietnamese culture, during a funeral ceremony, family members of the deceased would wear white and tie a piece of white cloth around their head. White can mean purity and innocence, but it is also a color associated with death. What this verse in the song means is that every since his wife left him, it's as if she had passed away because she is no longer beside him. He is heartbroken and is mourning his loss so to speak.


Tinh Khuc, Biet Khuc

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Creator: chibimikki