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Nhu Quynh – Chuyen Hoa Tigon

Composer: Anh Bang
Poet: T.T.Kh
English Title: Story of the Tigon Flower
Translated By: Gigi

One autumn evening just before twilight arrived
Still innocent, I gathered all the fallen flowers
Basked in the moonlight, my hair dyed into its color
I waited for the figure of my lover to appear with all his love

He often ran his fingers across strands of my hair
Often sighed every time a smile reached my lips
He once said, "Those flowers are like a shattered heart.
I'm worried that would be the future of our relationship."

I remembered the words he once said to me
Ever since that autumn evening from long ago
Now that I finally understood the meaning of those words
Our relationship had been destroyed by my hands

If he knew that I had already married another
Would sadness reach his heart, shattering it, or not?
Would he think of those shattered flowers from long ago?
Flowers that resemble a broken heart dyed in crimson blood.

Translator's Notes: Anh Bang took 4 verses from a famous poem "Hai Sac Hoa Tigon" (Two Colors of Tigon Flower) by T.T.Kh and composed this song. The poem itself is actually 11 verses long with 4 lines per verse and is based on the poet's own tragic love story. To this day, the poet's identity was never revealed.


Nhu Quynh – Chuyen Tinh Hoa Trang

Requested by Helena. We hope you like the translation.

Composer: Anh Bang
Poet: Kien Giang
English Title: The Love Story of a White Flower
Translated By: Gigi

It's been so long since I visited the neighborhood
Ever since the fires of war engulfed our homeland
Smoke from bombs envelope the ends of the familiar sky
Veiling over my beloved and the roof of the church

Ever since the war spread to this neighborhood
He emerged as a soldier to protect our country
To protect the violet dress imprinted with a white flower
To protect the school buildings and churches

Enemies occupied the bell tower to build their weapon base
Their weapons roared demolishing the bricks of the church
He gathered the shattered pieces and rebuilt the destroyed wall
Reclaiming the bell tower at the top of the church

But then that heroic man from the war
Died a proud death beside the shadow of his country's flag
The bell from long ago rang during his last moments
Bidding him farewell from the gates of the church

A white flower no longer adorned on a violet dress
But instead adorned on the cover of his coffin
A white flower no longer adorned on a violet dress
Oh, the immense sorrow from memories long ago

The funeral car has already disappeared from here
The bell of the church cried its final tears of farewell
That violet dress is alone this evening
Tenderly missing the white flower that now resides beside his grave.


Khanh Ly – Cat Bui

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Composer: Trinh Cong Son
English Title: Sand and Dust
Translated by: Gigi

Which speck of dust transformed into my figure?
So that this body can rise up tomorrow
Oh, the brilliant grains of sand and dust
Rays of sunlight illuminate upon this wandering life

Which speck of dust transformed into my figure?
So that I can return and become like dust one day
Oh, the weary particles of sand and dust
What was that drumming sound that ceases to subside?

The many years I've lived as a human being
Until one evening my hair dyed gray like lime
Leaves withered on branches, dropping to the ground
After a hundred years of living we die in one day

Which rays of sunlight shone within my heart?
Causing the love I built to chisel into a piece of pebble
Allow me to cover my face while I'm on the verge of tears
Every dreary day passes by while I await good news

Which grove of forests contain ragged trees and leaves?
From the abyss I hear a voice awakening me from my slumber
Oh, the grains of sand and dust of this lifetime
Which mark of ink can disappear without a trace...?


Nguyen Khang – Bai Khong Ten So 4

Composer: Vu Thanh An
English Title: Untitled Song #4
Translated by: Gigi

She's crying to wash away the corporal punishment
She's speaking to forget all the crime and guilt
A maiden's life must also contain her past
But she only has the future to rely on

If these tears have dried in the near future
When we leave this life, only the children will suffer
Of a million acquaintances, how many are actually friends?
When we part from this world, who will bid farewell then?

Will tears wash away those bitter memories for her?
Those heartfelt words from the past... will they come back?

I'm counting those minutes of warmth and passion for her
I'm holding onto those slender strands of hair for her
The words I whispered to her will remain forever
Any talk of the future, please accept it from my hands