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Quang Linh – Mua Thu Con Do

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Composer: Chau Ky
English Title: Autumn Still Lives On
Traslated By: Gigi

Oh, Autumn! I heard that you have passed on
Oh, Autumn! Are you still alive, or have you passed away?
Are you still alive? Are you still alive? Or have you died?
Autumn, please speak, please speak, just a few words
That Autumn lives on forever across the rivers and mountains
Autumn's lake, where the moon gazes at the water, still shines
Please don't say, please don't say that Autumn is dead!
No, Autumn lives on, you live on, forever and ever
Lost within Autumn's garden, where golden leaves scatter about
Lost within Autumn's forest, where the deers look on with grief
Autumn's figure of the past still hasn't faded, still hasn't faded
How can words express, how can words express
This grief, this misery, of waiting, when will it end?
Oh, Autumn, I loved your figure during that memorable year
Even if Autumn departs, the moon will continue to wait for you
Please don't say, please don't say that Autumn is dead!
No, Autumn lives on to continue casting her shadow on this world.

Translator's Notes: This song contains a pun that isn't very obvious in the English traslation. The word "thu" means "autumn" and it is also a common first name for women. So the author is referring to the autumn season but also to this woman named Thu.


Thanh Tuyen – Nhat Ky Doi Toi

Composer: Thanh Son
English Title: Diary of My Life
Translated By: Gigi

Heading backwards in time, returning to the past, towards a bittersweet moment
So many memories, so much love, nothing's left but the figure zero
Who was it that loved? Who was it that forgot?
Within the span of a lifetime, the answer lies in the future

That one year, we observed the cherry blossoms falling during Spring
Worried about my fate, fearing that this love would become like a flower
Budded too early only to wither at night, who hasn't experienced this once?
Encountered each other, loved each other, and then we parted ways

So that's it, there's nothing more, the past is like poetry
Poetry accompanied by music, a love song is born
So that's it, there's nothing more
Hopes and dreams are bountiful presently
When can one love again in this lifetime?

We never finished saying our words of goodbye the day we parted
Five years of separation, five years of waiting, until love withered away
Sorrow fills every time it's mentioned, that love divided into two roads
Diary of my life now inscribes another memory of love and loss.