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Quoc Khanh – Bai Khong Ten Cuoi Cung

Composer: Vu Thanh An
English Title: The Last Untitled Song
Translated By: Gigi

I miss you so much but I never told you
Even if I told you, nothing would change
Oh, the pain is already growing so immensely
If I said any more, I would feel depressed more
What's there to promise anymore?

Countless times you have promised
Countless promises that you then forgot about
I don't know who to believe anymore
Days still continue to pass, I'm still here
What's there to wait to me?

Oh, my dear
The road that you decided to walk on,
The road that you eventually followed,
Where will it eventually lead you?
If rain was to pass when you're beside your husband
Would it cause you to cry? Would it cause you to miss
All of time we spent together?

Oh, my dear
The road that you decided to walk on
The road that you eventually followed
Is it the right one for you, my dear?
We're so far apart now
Even Heaven has to let its angels
Spread their wings and fly away
All that remains is the pain of a fool still in love

For the rest of my life, who will be beside me?
Please continue to love, my dearest one
I give to you one word of farewell
One word of yearning, one word of love
For the very last time.

Translator's Notes: Vu Thanh An wrote a series of untitled songs (about 50 total) and although this song is called The Last Untitled Song, it is actually #10 of the series. He wrote another song after this called Bai Khong Ten Cuoi Cung Tro Lai (translated as: The Return of the Last Untitled Song) as a sequel to this song where he added more verses but the music composition remains unchanged.


Quang Dung – Da Khuc Cho Tinh Nhan

Composer: Le Uyen Phuong
English Title: A Serenade for My Lover
Translated By: Gigi

The day you lighted a star in the sky
Waiting for the moon and wind to rise on the open shore
But instead a storm surfaced, tearing everything to pieces
The day the storm and rain didn't descend
On those youthful shoulders
A warm, passionate kiss is placed beside your pillow
Stars follow the wind falling down on this world
We both drank away those uninhibited days
We both counted the dreams that turned to ashes
I serenade my beloved to sleep, beneath the dark sky

As soon as the flowers blossomed
My lover is already so far away
Fate has always separated us
Just once to be beside you, but all in vain
We loved each other with worried hearts
Lost count of the times we missed each other
Withered flowers fall covering the road back
Causing the stars to grow lonely at night
Dark colors mirrored by illuminating lanterns
Our love still exists within a world of fidelity

Fate has separated us for eternity
Eyes brimmed with warm tears bid farewell
Please let this be the last
Our love is passionate and unwavering
Because after experiencing so many miracles
Bitterness and pain filled our lives

Night reveals the door to the grave
Please let the first dream last forever
A new star has fallen, I feel my soul grow numb
Within the fluttering smoke of the incense
Love, please don't forsake my devotion
I send all of my love to the one who's far away
We've shed countless tears for each other
Sealing those dreams of the past within
If we love each other, let us find each other always
To die beside one another is such a natural thing.


Khanh Ly – Vung Lay Cua Chung Ta

Composer: Le Uyen Phuong
English Title: Our Own Swamp
Translated By: Gigi

I followed you into the city this afternoon,
My mind still dizzy from the intoxication.
I followed you through every hint of pain,
While the sun is rising presently outside.
We relinquished every last drop of passion,
Even granted each other a taste of bitterness.
We surrendered our innocence, through our passionate lips,
Through our hands, and with our legs, we both walk,
Towards a love filled with sorrow. A somber love.

We loved each other amidst a crowd of strangers,
Following the stream of water that twist and turn.
We walked past an empty city, holding our dried hearts.
Wandering aimlessly in the city, holding our ragged hearts.

I followed you into the city the next afternoon,
My shoulders still aching from the weariness.
I followed you through every hint of pain,
While the sun is rising presently outside.
We relinquished every last drop of passion,
Even granted each other a taste of bitterness.
We surrendered our innocence, through our passionate lips,
Through our hands, and with our legs, we both walk,
Towards a love filled with sorrow. A somber love.

Let it pass, let it pass, ending the passion.
Throwing this sorrowful love onto a staggering pile.
Let it pass, let it pass, ending the intoxication.
This love, this love will soon change.

I live within a muddy swamp.
One day I'm buried in pain, I'm still buried deep, buried deep.
Amidst my own depression, I couldn't end the shamefulness.
I live within a muddy swamp.
One day I'm buried in pain, I'm still buried deep, buried deep.
Amidst my own depression, I couldn't end the pain.


Phi Nhung – Dong Doi

Composer: Anh Viet Thu
English Title: Lifestream
Translated By: Gigi

The wind blows south, the river guides the wind toward south.
A ferry treads north, dividing the river, causing the current to flow upstream.
A pair of hands row the boat, calloused from months of hardship.
My shirt drenched in sweat, I must hurry to make it to the market on time.

The sun sets in the west, a flock of birds follow the sun to the west.
We head north until we're breathless, peddling items until we're tired.
Because we love each other, it doesn't matter whether we're both famished or full.
Gazing at the vastness of the water, I hope that my life will turn out well.

Whether it's the stream or whether it's the lifestream,
Yet, the current continues to flow upstream with me for months and years.
The water might subside, but then the water suddenly crashes.
The flock of birds might fly far and wide, only to be exterminated.

Yet, my life is like that of a group of water hyacinths,
Silently drifting with the current, with the disarrayed water ferns.
A quiet night beside the river, sitting beneath the mist,
I feel a sting of pain in my heart every time you let out a sigh.

The water wharf from long ago, how can you forget the ferry from long ago?
The evening wind falls silent, but who is quietly crying all alone?
You were the one who stopped rowing, who else would let me drift away?
The stream is vast, yet I am left alone to drift on the stream called life.


Phillip Huy & Sy Phu – Tuyet Trang

Composer: Tran Thien Thanh
English Title: White Snow
Translated By: Gigi

I know that you and I are very sad this evening.
I promised, but you didn't see my figure appear.
When the sun shines on your footsteps at the school gates.
When evening pulls back the many love and affection.
When the runway awaits for me to spread these metal wings.

Over here my shirt flutters green, green like our love,
I tied tightly the warm scarf that you knit for me.
When the air spin into vortices behind the wings,
The airplane shrieks in a roar causing my heart to faint.
The airplane speeds up, I spread my wings soaring high.

Wavering like a bird's wings,
The airplane will leave, leave faraway from the city now.
Clouds stretch really low,
Clouds knit a silk of white,
Clouds chisel into the color of the sun.

Soaring across the skies and ascending into the sky,
The clouds tie together into an area of white snow.
Oh, snow, please dye a color of white,
Into the soul of the petite girl that I love.

When the evening sun sets, the world suddenly darkens,
Erasing that vast area of white snow.
I wish that our love would be like the virgin snow,
Even though both of us are in separate worlds,
Even though the white snow has already disappeared into the night.


Bang Tam – Chuyen Ba Mua Mua

Composer: Minh Ky
English Title: The Story of Three Rainy Seasons
Translated By: Gigi

Ever since the beginning of time, the sound of rain never sounded joyful.
I'm going to tell a story that occurred three rainy seasons ago.
I devoted every piece of my heart to that one person,
Promising to love her and think of her always.

She is a maiden, with silky hair that covered her small shoulders.
A pair of red lips, with a fond remembrance of someone.
Dainty feet, petite heels, searching for her purpose in life.
That heaven has already preordained for her.

We loved each other like butterflies mesmerized by flowers.
As beautiful as a dream, we overcame the first year.
The next year, like rain and wind staring at each other.
She completely forgot her love for me, and that ended the third year.

As I glance at the rain, I feel the pain deepening within my heart.
Love is a blooming flower, at its peak of beauty, only to wither away.
If only I didn't offer all of my love to her in the past.
Then I wouldn't feel so miserable now.

Translator's Notes: Each rainy season stands for one year. Most of Viet Nam has a tropical climate, especially in the South, so there are only two seasons a year instead of four: the sunny season and the rainy season. This excludes cities farther North, such as Ha Noi, that actually experiences all four seasons every year.


Nhu Quynh – Duyen Phan

Composer: Thai Thinh
English Title: Destiny
Translated By: Gigi

Because I'm a girl, I haven't loved anyone once.
Looking towards the future, the rivers and roads seemed wider and longer.
Living in a small house, my younger siblings have yet to mature.
Because my parents loved me, they looked for a potential spouse,
With hopes that this lonely ship can finally find its rightful shore.
I have yet to be attached to those kind of relationships.
Fearing that once I've loved, I would be hurt.

I haven't loved once, how can I anticipate the future?
I don't know what to expect when it comes to love.
How deep is the river? No one can truly measure its depth.
So how can I measure the depth of someone's love for me?
Many years have passed that I have lived in peace,
Until I fell in love, which brought me many miseries.
Shallowness depends on the river, how can anyone tell from the surface?
If the ship hasn't dwell in the shore, how can it know if the water is clear?

And now he comes with his family and relatives to greet mine.
During one joyous day, with just one step forward, I've become a loving wife,
Leaving behind my younger siblings who look on with sorrowful eyes.
My parents are happier although tears wet their cheeks.
They reminded me to always uphold my husband's family ethics.
Walking past the river, I silently ask the crashing waves,
"Is it possible for a girl not to love anyone in her life?"

Translator's Note: The title "Destiny" refers to her role as a girl, as in what's expected of her because of her gender: to fall in love, get married, and have a family. She is "destined" to be in this role because she is a girl. To please her parents and others, she must accept this role because she realizes that even she cannot go against destiny (refer to the last line).