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Khanh Ly – Toi Dang Mo Giac Mong Dai

Composer: Pham Duy
Poet: Le Lan
English Title: I am Dreaming a Vast Dream
Translated By: Gigi

I am dreaming a vast dream.
To the world around me, please don't wake me.

I am seeing a color of green,
Upon a leafy branch, drifting down onto me.
I am seeing a color of pink,
At every corner of the street, penetrating my soul,
From the refreshing sunrise to the fragrant sunset.
A breezy wind brings the essence of life,
Into me, filling my heart.

I hear the sound of happiness from every region,
Overcoming the endless night toward the stars in the sky.
I hear the sound of people's beating hearts,
A worried beat seeking the sweetness of life.
And as I look into my own heart, this love is blooming,
Blooming into many splendid birds.

Life, please don't stir me from my slumber.
I am still young and innocent, so let me dream once more.