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Khanh Ha- Mong Sau

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Composer: Tram Tu Thien
English Title: Melancholy Dream
Translated By: Mikki

Our love right now is like rain upon a river
Rain at the beginning to the end of a river
Our love right now is like a gust of winter wind
The wind blows at the first to the last of winter

Our love right now is like morning dew
After sunrise, the dew quickly evaporated
Our love right now is like a life in the winter
A life of sadness, a life in the blue winter

Love then built a grave
The lover then became indifferent
Love dissipated in trials and tribulations
And changed into daring footsteps
Crushing each other's life

After love ceased, I'm in deep pains
Holding on a dream; walking in the middle of the sky
After love ceased, your life is like those of flowers
The flower withers; the flower reaches its end season

Our love right now hurts like a beating stick
Lashing on the heart, black and blue marks
Our love right now is like birds with tired wings
The bird encounters a storm; the bird encounters rain.

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