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Khanh Ly- Hat Cho Nguoi Nam Xuong

Composer: Trinh Cong Son
English Title: A Serenade for the Dead
Translated By: Mikki

Here you lay to rest after you once passed by
You used to revel in this life
You used to fly high in the flush sky
Then you lay to rest, no friends, no one
No one, everyday; there's no one for eternity
To lullaby you to a deep sleep,
Rain seasons came through this cementery only to bring birds!

You lay to rest and let hatred fall into oblivion
Sent each other off on a sad day
The land embraced, escorted you to return to your origin
From that day, in the vast sky is missing you
Like the bird's wings forsook the forest,
Like the heart forsook love
In this place once,
Seeing your arrival, my sorrows were resigned to speak in vain!

Your friends are still here, do you know that?
Your lover is still here, do you miss her?
The garden is still green, the sun is still rising
When your shadow, like a bird's wings, descended.

Which region of sky you have already flown through?
What still remains here are these infinite mornings
A lover then became forgotten, friends became separated
Oh the months and years, many human footprints also faded to dust.

You lay to rest, like that voyage once
A child from the past has found his way back home
The deserted land sealed off with the promise to return
People in the city, in one day, already recalled your name
Some tomorrow mornings, in war
Many bloody corpses will appear
I plead for that person who just lay to rest
To see the reflection of heaven at the end of the boundless sky.

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