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Nguyen Khang – Bai Khong Ten So 4

Composer: Vu Thanh An
English Title: Untitled Song #4
Translated by: Gigi

She's crying to wash away the corporal punishment
She's speaking to forget all the crime and guilt
A maiden's life must also contain her past
But she only has the future to rely on

If these tears have dried in the near future
When we leave this life, only the children will suffer
Of a million acquaintances, how many are actually friends?
When we part from this world, who will bid farewell then?

Will tears wash away those bitter memories for her?
Those heartfelt words from the past... will they come back?

I'm counting those minutes of warmth and passion for her
I'm holding onto those slender strands of hair for her
The words I whispered to her will remain forever
Any talk of the future, please accept it from my hands

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