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Khanh Ly – Cat Bui

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Composer: Trinh Cong Son
English Title: Sand and Dust
Translated by: Gigi

Which speck of dust transformed into my figure?
So that this body can rise up tomorrow
Oh, the brilliant grains of sand and dust
Rays of sunlight illuminate upon this wandering life

Which speck of dust transformed into my figure?
So that I can return and become like dust one day
Oh, the weary particles of sand and dust
What was that drumming sound that ceases to subside?

The many years I've lived as a human being
Until one evening my hair dyed gray like lime
Leaves withered on branches, dropping to the ground
After a hundred years of living we die in one day

Which rays of sunlight shone within my heart?
Causing the love I built to chisel into a piece of pebble
Allow me to cover my face while I'm on the verge of tears
Every dreary day passes by while I await good news

Which grove of forests contain ragged trees and leaves?
From the abyss I hear a voice awakening me from my slumber
Oh, the grains of sand and dust of this lifetime
Which mark of ink can disappear without a trace...?

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  1. well, the song is so nice and meaningful. the singer is also a DIVA of VN^^

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