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Khanh Ly – Dem Thay Ta La Thac Do

Composer: Trinh Cong Son
English Title: At Night I Feel Like a Waterfall
Translated By: Gigi

One night, footsteps return to the small gates
Rosa flowers suddenly came to mind
Hands that clutched the flower from the cities
Already forgetting the garden from which it came
Walking past a strange city one fine day
The city has left for its afternoon nap
Sometimes my existence is similar to grasses and leaves
Sitting and singing freely without worry
Often I'm like a youth who misses home
From other towns I return
Days of spring brought forth your quiet footsteps
When did spring suddenly come to an end?
Many nights I envision myself like a waterfall
Even wide awake, I can still feel it sometimes

One day, footsteps return to the marketplace
I suddenly feel happy like an innocent child
My existence is sometimes like a blaze of fire
That gather within the garden at midnight
A flower has just bloomed in this midnight garden
Who was it that walked into my life?
Often I see a hundred thousand grave-mounds
Beside the crystal-clear lake I've often rested
My existence no longer contributes anything new
I have lived my life in such an indifferent way
There are times my heart closes its doors
And beside a wound I kneel down
Because you have given me your words of prayer
Then left me behind standing on this world.

Translator's Note: Trinh Cong Son's songs are metaphysical and only the composer himself will truly understand the meaning of his songs. I hope that I've managed to capture, somewhat, the meaning of the song with the translation.

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  1. I’m really curious about you, Gigi. I wonder where you come from.
    I think you misunderstand some thing on some last sentences. :”) Especially this one “Beside the crystal-clear lake I’ve often rested”, in the original song, ‘hồ’ doesn’t mean lake, it’s like “maybe”
    I think Vietnamese may not be your first language, (maybe I’m wrong, lol), if so, your Vietnamese is still very good.
    So impressive :”D

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