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Nhu Quynh – Duyen Phan

Composer: Thai Thinh
English Title: Destiny
Translated By: Gigi

Because I'm a girl, I haven't loved anyone once.
Looking towards the future, the rivers and roads seemed wider and longer.
Living in a small house, my younger siblings have yet to mature.
Because my parents loved me, they looked for a potential spouse,
With hopes that this lonely ship can finally find its rightful shore.
I have yet to be attached to those kind of relationships.
Fearing that once I've loved, I would be hurt.

I haven't loved once, how can I anticipate the future?
I don't know what to expect when it comes to love.
How deep is the river? No one can truly measure its depth.
So how can I measure the depth of someone's love for me?
Many years have passed that I have lived in peace,
Until I fell in love, which brought me many miseries.
Shallowness depends on the river, how can anyone tell from the surface?
If the ship hasn't dwell in the shore, how can it know if the water is clear?

And now he comes with his family and relatives to greet mine.
During one joyous day, with just one step forward, I've become a loving wife,
Leaving behind my younger siblings who look on with sorrowful eyes.
My parents are happier although tears wet their cheeks.
They reminded me to always uphold my husband's family ethics.
Walking past the river, I silently ask the crashing waves,
"Is it possible for a girl not to love anyone in her life?"

Translator's Note: The title "Destiny" refers to her role as a girl, as in what's expected of her because of her gender: to fall in love, get married, and have a family. She is "destined" to be in this role because she is a girl. To please her parents and others, she must accept this role because she realizes that even she cannot go against destiny (refer to the last line).

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