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Bang Tam – Chuyen Ba Mua Mua

Composer: Minh Ky
English Title: The Story of Three Rainy Seasons
Translated By: Gigi

Ever since the beginning of time, the sound of rain never sounded joyful.
I'm going to tell a story that occurred three rainy seasons ago.
I devoted every piece of my heart to that one person,
Promising to love her and think of her always.

She is a maiden, with silky hair that covered her small shoulders.
A pair of red lips, with a fond remembrance of someone.
Dainty feet, petite heels, searching for her purpose in life.
That heaven has already preordained for her.

We loved each other like butterflies mesmerized by flowers.
As beautiful as a dream, we overcame the first year.
The next year, like rain and wind staring at each other.
She completely forgot her love for me, and that ended the third year.

As I glance at the rain, I feel the pain deepening within my heart.
Love is a blooming flower, at its peak of beauty, only to wither away.
If only I didn't offer all of my love to her in the past.
Then I wouldn't feel so miserable now.

Translator's Notes: Each rainy season stands for one year. Most of Viet Nam has a tropical climate, especially in the South, so there are only two seasons a year instead of four: the sunny season and the rainy season. This excludes cities farther North, such as Ha Noi, that actually experiences all four seasons every year.

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  1. love this song so much … Bang Tam is so pretty in this dress , thank you for translation . Oh , do you hear the song : Two rain season by Bang Tam . Its a good song .

  2. Gigi! I can’t tell you how much I love you! Thank you so much for translating these wonderful songs! I’ve always wanted to know the meaning. I am vietnamese and I listen to the music, but I am not fluent in the language enough to understand everything. Please continue translating!!


  3. oops! That link for for the request i just sent ^__^

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