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Phillip Huy & Sy Phu – Tuyet Trang

Composer: Tran Thien Thanh
English Title: White Snow
Translated By: Gigi

I know that you and I are very sad this evening.
I promised, but you didn't see my figure appear.
When the sun shines on your footsteps at the school gates.
When evening pulls back the many love and affection.
When the runway awaits for me to spread these metal wings.

Over here my shirt flutters green, green like our love,
I tied tightly the warm scarf that you knit for me.
When the air spin into vortices behind the wings,
The airplane shrieks in a roar causing my heart to faint.
The airplane speeds up, I spread my wings soaring high.

Wavering like a bird's wings,
The airplane will leave, leave faraway from the city now.
Clouds stretch really low,
Clouds knit a silk of white,
Clouds chisel into the color of the sun.

Soaring across the skies and ascending into the sky,
The clouds tie together into an area of white snow.
Oh, snow, please dye a color of white,
Into the soul of the petite girl that I love.

When the evening sun sets, the world suddenly darkens,
Erasing that vast area of white snow.
I wish that our love would be like the virgin snow,
Even though both of us are in separate worlds,
Even though the white snow has already disappeared into the night.

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