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Phi Nhung – Dong Doi

Composer: Anh Viet Thu
English Title: Lifestream
Translated By: Gigi

The wind blows south, the river guides the wind toward south.
A ferry treads north, dividing the river, causing the current to flow upstream.
A pair of hands row the boat, calloused from months of hardship.
My shirt drenched in sweat, I must hurry to make it to the market on time.

The sun sets in the west, a flock of birds follow the sun to the west.
We head north until we're breathless, peddling items until we're tired.
Because we love each other, it doesn't matter whether we're both famished or full.
Gazing at the vastness of the water, I hope that my life will turn out well.

Whether it's the stream or whether it's the lifestream,
Yet, the current continues to flow upstream with me for months and years.
The water might subside, but then the water suddenly crashes.
The flock of birds might fly far and wide, only to be exterminated.

Yet, my life is like that of a group of water hyacinths,
Silently drifting with the current, with the disarrayed water ferns.
A quiet night beside the river, sitting beneath the mist,
I feel a sting of pain in my heart every time you let out a sigh.

The water wharf from long ago, how can you forget the ferry from long ago?
The evening wind falls silent, but who is quietly crying all alone?
You were the one who stopped rowing, who else would let me drift away?
The stream is vast, yet I am left alone to drift on the stream called life.

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