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Quang Dung – Da Khuc Cho Tinh Nhan

Composer: Le Uyen Phuong
English Title: A Serenade for My Lover
Translated By: Gigi

The day you lighted a star in the sky
Waiting for the moon and wind to rise on the open shore
But instead a storm surfaced, tearing everything to pieces
The day the storm and rain didn't descend
On those youthful shoulders
A warm, passionate kiss is placed beside your pillow
Stars follow the wind falling down on this world
We both drank away those uninhibited days
We both counted the dreams that turned to ashes
I serenade my beloved to sleep, beneath the dark sky

As soon as the flowers blossomed
My lover is already so far away
Fate has always separated us
Just once to be beside you, but all in vain
We loved each other with worried hearts
Lost count of the times we missed each other
Withered flowers fall covering the road back
Causing the stars to grow lonely at night
Dark colors mirrored by illuminating lanterns
Our love still exists within a world of fidelity

Fate has separated us for eternity
Eyes brimmed with warm tears bid farewell
Please let this be the last
Our love is passionate and unwavering
Because after experiencing so many miracles
Bitterness and pain filled our lives

Night reveals the door to the grave
Please let the first dream last forever
A new star has fallen, I feel my soul grow numb
Within the fluttering smoke of the incense
Love, please don't forsake my devotion
I send all of my love to the one who's far away
We've shed countless tears for each other
Sealing those dreams of the past within
If we love each other, let us find each other always
To die beside one another is such a natural thing.

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  1. Cool blog! Thanks for the tremendous work put on the posts! Your sharing is well appreciated!

    Quang Dung’s singing live is much better. Watch him sing live recently at this site: http://vietbt.org/


  2. Thanks for this beautiful translation.

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