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Le Thu- Ban Tinh Cuoi

Composer: Ngo Thuy Mien
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: The Last Love Song

The rain is falling and the sunlight is fading
On the love I once had for you
I loved and I dream,
I dream of the stars and the moon that was delivered beside you
Only one encounter, yet it seems as if we already met ages ago
Only one encounter, yet it seems like it was ancient love

The cloud is vanishing and did you notice?
I hesitantly fall in love with you for the first time
I was intoxicated; my soul swooned
The fermented love was permeating my life
When was it that I silently walked beside you?
When was it that I haven't told you that I love you?

I loved you, loved you like I loved the innocent age
Beside you, beside you I serenaded the awaiting piece
Which day that you showed me love devotion?
Which day that you showed me the bitterness of love?

The rain have fell and the sunlight have faded
On the the love I had for you
I still love and my soul still swoons
After so many months and years of neglects
Some day, the familiar blue hair will fade its color
Some day, will I ever stop loving you?

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