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Dal Ja’s Spring (2007)

Dal Ja's Spring

A.K.A.: The Spring of Oh Dal Ja
Korean Title: 달자의 봄 (Dal Ja ui Bom)
Vietnamese Title: Mua Xuan Cua Nang Dal Ja
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Starring: Chae Rim, Lee Min Ki, Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Hye Young, Gong Hyeong Jin
Screenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung
Episodes: 22

Oh Dal Ja is 33 years old and she is an MD of a home shopping channel. She has a "love contract" with Kang Tae Bong, a 27 year old freelancer of a playmate enterprise. The story also revolves around Dal Ja's life with three men. Wee Sun Joo is a divorcee who is an expert on love and faces life with positive thinking.
Source: DramaWiki

Rating: A (Excellent)
Rewatch Factor: High
Comment: This is a drama about single women living life in her 30's. The women in this drama went through several major changes in their lives and is trying to survive those changes. Dal Ja in particular, when she was young believed the purity of a woman is everything and when she reached for a career she found herself become an independent and capable woman who do not need to rely on a man or the safety of marriage. However, when she reached her 30's she discovered that she was all alone and that her "spring" has passed. "Dal Ja's Spring" is a non-serious yet smart drama about 30-something, single women struggling to live their lives while juggling love and career. Slowly, the women in the drama learn to realize that their "spring" is not over.

The drama in itself is very funny and has brought me numerous laughters. I remember I laughed so hard at several episodes that my side hurted in the morning. All in all, the drama was very well written and directed. Not to mention, it effortlessly incorporated numerous parodies in the drama. Among the many parodies that in the drama that I can recalled at the moment are: "Kill Bill", "Snow White", "Cinderella", "Hwang Jin Yi", "Titanic", "Goong", "The Bodyguard", "Rocky" and "Pretty Woman" (well, you get the idea). Chae Rim made a great come-back and really impressed me in this drama. After I saw this drama I was convinced that she should be in more comedy dramas.

In the beginning, I was willingly to rate this drama "A+", but the conflict that was thrown near the end of the drama failed to impress me. It was so typical, and the ending felt rushed. Despite the last two episodes, this has become one of my favorite Korean dramas of all time. I love the drama's underlining message to single women everywhere that marriage is not a target, but an outcome. Getting marry shouldn't be some chores that one has to do. It's a choice to get marry, and it's great if you do and it's great if you don't. If I haven't make myself clear by now, I will attempt to wrap it up in one sentence: Dal Ja's Spring is a must-watch, regardless if you're a woman or not.

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