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Nguyen Khang- Tuong Niem

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Composer: Tram Tu Thien
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: In Remembrance

In the memory of the talented composer, Tram Tu Thien.

I leaned my shoulder; reflected once again on my existence,
Then fearfully the sunset suddenly came
I leaned my shoulder; reflected once again on human's love
Then the evening's shadow sunk upon my lips
I'm indulging so life will bloom with flowers,
Suddenly, I was bewildered when the final words period arrived
I'm carressing a luxurious love,
Unexpectedly, it slipped through my hands
We lived a suffering life, to die accidentally
We searched for each other, to lose the other in the brief hours
How can the hands hold,
A lifetime that just passed by
How can the hands keep,
A time of passionate love
To you, I hold gratitude for once giving me your love,
Even though it was not a warm memory
To you, I hold gratitude for the great misery,
It was the golden sunlight though trapped in the clouds
To the Superior Being, I hold gratitude for my life,
Some ten thousand days the wind will madly called the diluvial rain
In my painful moments appeared a cloud of smoky incense,
Pulled me back, back to the world of nothingness

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