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Hien Thuc- Bong Bong Bay

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Composer: Quoc Dung
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: The Flying Balloon

There, look at the little boy playing with a balloon
Holding and whirling it in his hand, in a sudden why did the balloon flew away?
Bewildered, he watched with streaming tears
The balloon has flown far in the misty distant, how can it be found now?

Our love story is similar to the story of the flying balloon
When we were together we took our love for granted
Until our love dissipated and we went our separate ways
Then we hesitated and deeply regretted it

Oh love oh, swaying is the wind
Oh love oh, far is the infinite sky
One day of love is the same as a hundred years of love
A life time of love is still a very far away love
The station for love is indistincted

Now, alone I sit and watch the rain outside descends
Whose shirt in the distant place, causing this heart to linger on?
Each passing day, sadness has silently follows the falling leaves
Where is the station for love and why am I still hearing my sadness?

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