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Quang Le – Nang Dep Mien Nam

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Composer: Lam Phuong
Lyricist: Ho Dinh Phuong
English Title: The Sun Shines on the Beautiful South
Translated By: Gigi

The Southern region has a peaceful sun, beautiful rice paddies,
and a love towards one's own native land.
Oh, my dear, let us hurry and depart onto the road early.
Dawn is still waiting, and so are the water fields.

Over here the sky is infinite. The sun of tomorrow opens slightly
over the mouth of the waterfall running onto the green fields.
Let us lean together, bringing each hand to offer our added strength
so that everyone can be happy with one another.
The plowed path of yesterday now overflows with new rice paddies.
Oh, how graceful the fields are!
Tomorrow will be the day where each grain will ripe in indulgence.
Together, we will admire them while smiling.

Look, the flock of native birds! Where are the birds flying to?
Perhaps to bring news that we are living with dawn right now.
The sound of singing seems so gentle.
That sweet sound resounding across blue skies.
How beautiful its feelings are...
Love is a passionate affection that binds our hearts to mountains and rivers.
It is a fondness towards our native land.

The thousand shadows of night have faded already,
with the solar rings rising, luminating on life.
Our village is gleaming with honor now!

Once the soldier finishes with his struggle to bring peace to Dong Thap and Ca Mau,
I, a farmer who's used to many hardships, will contribute my hard work
to prepare for a season that awaits an enlightening experience.
Because of the loving relationship between soldier and citizen,
it creates a feeling of warmth and tenderness where our homeland welcomes dawn.
Let us strive with each and every day.
Let us water the green fields together, and then live contently in peace.

Here is my loving homeland of the South.
The sun rises so splendidly on the joyful passing seasons.

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