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Quang Le – Vung Ngoai O / Co Hang Xom

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Composer: Anh Bang
English Title: In the Suburbs / The Girl in the Neighborhood
Translated by: Gigi

In the suburbs, I have a cottage.
Although it is small, it is really pretty.
For days and months, I lived all by myself.
The house nearby, the girl lived in riches,
Accustomed to velvet and embroided silk like royalty,
With a chauferred car accompanying her.

Night after night, under the golden moonlight,
The guitar and I silently lamented together.
And that girl in the neighborhood would often visit
to make acquantainces when the lights are on.

I don't sing very well; I'm also bad at playing the guitar.
But she continued to praise me a lot
making me feel rather flattered deep down,
As though her words were warm and heartfelt
like the words exchanged between lovers.

Two years passed, but I dared not confess my love.
I was scared because of my poor, dirt-like status.
How could I dream of our love in the future?
I was scared that these difficulties
would cause my dreams to become bitter and painful.

So one day, I decided to depart far away.
I tried to forget about her
as though she was a blurry, distant figure.
Thanks to time, remedies, or a mythical deity
that separated the both of us,
So that person long ago had forgotten already.

Today, I received a pink envelope.
She broke the happy news that she's marrying a rich husband.
Her life has always been fortunate.
Does she still remember this poor musician or not?

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