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Le Hieu- Va Toi Cung Yeu Em

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I love this song for its simplicity in lyrics and melody. There is no fancy musical arrangement and profound/abstract meanings to the lyrics. I also love the casual feel to this song. It makes me warm and happy whenever I listen to it. The way the composer wrote this song is very playful and sweet, talking about random things that he loves and slowly leading to the big confession of what (or should I say who) he truly loves.

Composer: Duc Huy
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: And I also Love You

I love reading a good book
The sound of birds singing above
And love an empty beach
I love a cup of coffee in the morning
The street flooded with golden leaves...

I love the aromatic flavor of the old Tet*
The modest roof under a row of coconut trees
And love innocent children
A round of rice, soup, and a cigarette
A sleep that doesn't consist of dreams
And I also love you
And I also love you
And I also love you
Love you loudly, love you intensely...

I love walking under a row of trees
Friendly contests with friends
And a tasty glass of wine
I love having plenty of plants and trees in the house
I love every old person

I love that which comes naturally
Words that are sincere and honest
And love sunny days
I love to wear jeans and a white shirt
Love the bright moon on the day of full moon
And I also love you
And I also love you
And I also love you
Love you loudly, love you intensely
Love you abundantly...

*Tet is the name of Vietnamese New Year which is based on the Chinese calendar, a lunisolar calendar.

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