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Kim Anh & Thai Doanh Doanh – Nang Chieu

This Vietnamese song, written in 1951, has been translated into many languages such as Chinese and Japanese and proves to be a song that is a favorite to many, many people. In countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, it is known as the Vietnamese love song. If there existed a Golden Hits type of CD of Vietnamese music, there's no doubt that this song would be included.

Composer: Le Trong Nguyen
English Title: Evening Sun
Translated by: Gigi

I passed by the old water wharf,
Leaves and flowers return every afternoon,
Frigidly but softly, they sway in the moving sunlight.
When I reached the end of the hamlet, my footsteps were without a soul.
How I miss, oh, how I miss that person during my youthful days.

I remember her thin figure back then,
Gracefully watching me with a pair of sparkling eyes.
I remember her footsteps when sunlight hits the veranda floor.
Her cheeks colored ivory; her silky hair lightly floats.

Now I return passing by the sun-kissed courtyard,
Melancholically remembering the promise, my heart feels numb.
Not knowing where that charming, little lady
is making a visit right now.

Now I return, the fields of mulberries are browning.
That singing voice, that verse from the chanty, ceases to sound.
That charming and graceful figure near the purple flowers,
How do I know where to find it now?

I regretfully remember that time, underneath the bamboo was ivory.
Watching me with a hint of sadness, she said, "I love you!"
Trailing clouds drift when sunlight hits the hills.
Missing that gentle girl, the evening sun stops moving.

Note from the Translator: The title could be translated two ways: "Afternoon Sun" or "Evening Sun" since "chieu" can mean "afternoon" and "evening," and can only be distinguished by time or the meaning of the sentence it resides in (ex. "3 gio chieu" means "3 o' clock in the afternoon" and "6 gio chieu" means "6 o' clock in the evening"). And the word "chieu" is used twice in the song, in which I translated one as "afternoon" and the second one as "evening" to denote time passing by.

I also want to note that the part that Thai Doanh Doanh sings is the translated Chinese version of the song, though I would have preferred that Kim Anh sing the entire song by herself.

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  1. Dear friends of music,

    This Vietnamese famous song NANG CHIEU formerly time before 1975 was translated into English as ” THE EVENING SUNSHINE”
    Note: SUN = mat troi
    SUNSHINE = nang
    TDC music composer

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