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18 vs. 29’s Memorable Quotes

Episode 1
[After the accident]
Sang Young: You told me to piss off and live my own life, and this is how you live your life?!
Hye Chan: Excuse me…..Who are you?
Sang Young: So now we are strangers?

Sang Young: What is your problem? You said that you wanted to forget my name. Now you want to forget your husband's face?
Hye Chan: Hus….Hus….Are you crazy?

[Hye Chan inside her old house]
House Owner: Darling!
Hye Chan: Who are you?
House Owner: Eh? Sorry… [confused] Excuse me….Is this not number 110-3 Chang Chun Town?
Hye Chan: Yes…
House Owner: Who the hell are you?!! This is MY house!!

Hye Chan: [To a police officer] Ajusshi, ajusshi, help me! These are the organ thieves. AJUSSHI! AJUSHHHHIIIII!!!!
Sang Young: Please don't do this, you'll cause an accident. Hye Chan! YOO HYE CHAN!! Why are you acting this way? Are you determined to embarrass me?
Hye Chan: Why are you doing this to me ajusshi? Why are you kidnapping an innocent person?
Sang Young: Please just stop calling me ajusshi! How am I your ajusshi?! You are older than me by 2 months!!

Hye Won: Hye Chan, please don't cry. I'm here! Your little sister Hye Won!
Hye Chan: My Hye Won had a flat nose and small eyes!
Hye Won: Bloody hell...With my bonus last year, I had my face redone!
[Flatten her nose and makes her eyes smaller]
Hye Won: Look, look. Can you see? Can you see my old face?

Hye Chan: There must have been a misunderstanding. I'm not the person you are looking for. You've got the wrong person.
Sang Young: YOO HYE CHAN!! Your social security number is…770809-2......4......Anyway, you wrap yourself in the blanket when you go to sleep right? You always brush your teeth sitting on the toilet, and I also know that your bum cheeks are uneven. Are you still going to deny it?

Hye Won: [To Hye Chan] Are you deliberately putting on this act to punish Sang Young? [...] Geez I didn't even realise and I was stressing all day! Damn! I got my wrinkles treated yesterday. Repay me for the treatment!

Yoon Oh (Sang Young's Manager): [To Sang Young] You finally decided to show up. Say that you are really sorry to Director Bang. I told him that your wife was suffering from breathing….Put on a dying expression!

[Looking into the bathroom mirror]
Hye Chan: I got my haired permed. I have wrinkles on my face too. Twenty-Nine? Husband? With that man? Ah, impossible!

Episode 2
[Sang Young grabbed Hye Chan by the arm]
Hye Chan: Ah, don't touch me!
Sang Young: Hey, Yoo Hye Chan. You are not a virgin. Do you understand? We married and for two years... on the bed... huh? Don't you really know?

Hye Chan: I want to become a widow.
Sang Young: [flipping magazine pages] Widow? What is that? Is that something like a maid?
[Hye Chan handed the divorce paper]
Sang Young: Being a widow while leaving a healthy husband behind. Are you telling me to die?
Hye Chan: So stamp it. If not, I'm going to kill you and it might appear on 9 o'clock news.
Sang Young: Why are you doing this all of a sudden? What's the reason?
Hye Chan: I hate your disgustingly handsome face!
Sang Young: Is that a reason for divorce these days? If that's true what you say, do all the handsome people need to get a divorce?

[Hye Chan reading a card that she wrote to Sang Young before she lost her memory]
Card: To my love, Bong. Thank you for marrying me. I will love only you forever. From your Chan.
Hye Chan: This is a nightmare. This can't be true. [Wants to throw up]
Sang Young: [Looks guilty] You saw it. [Thinking that Hye Chan was reading the divorce paper] That time, you weren't yourself.
Hye Chan: Of course. If I was normal, you think I would write this kind of stuff!

[Hye Chan doesn't remember how to use her cell phone and was playing with her cell. Accidentally she called someone under the label "Honey" in her cell.]
Voice Over the Phone: Oh, Hye Chan! Yoo Hye Chan? Yoo Hye Chan!!
Hye Chan: [Hung up] How can he know it was me, when I didn't say a word? I wondered who "honey" was.
[Sang Young called]
Sang Young: Why did you ring and then hang up?
Hye Chan: When did I ring you? I didn't ring you! [Hung up] My God! That sneaky bastard! Maybe he has put in hidden cameras in the house. [Looks around the house]

Hye Chan: [Talks to the grandmother who sells spicy rice cake] Gran, do I really look like I'm 29?
Gran: 29 or 18, what does it matter?
Hye Chan: I feel so cheated. I have no memories, but people tell me that I am a 29 year old married woman. How is that fair?
Gran: Age is nothing but a number. When does age determine what's in your mind? Memories come and go, it's not something to get so worked up over. What's the point in remembering everything that went on in the past? People say you can use dog poo for medicine, but this...Even though I have aged this many years and forgotten things, I still live on without much trouble.
[Hye Chan smiled]

[Hye Chan on the bus thinking]
Thinking: Even though you are 29, Yoo Hye Chan will always be Yoo Hye Chan! 18 or 29, just live your life as best you can.
Hye Chan: [Shouts] Fighting!
[People on the bus stared at Hye Chan]

Hye Chan: Hye Won, do I really just cook and clean for Kang Bong Man? Don't I do anything but that?
Hye Won: What do you mean just that? You were such a good housewife! A veteran housewife!
Hye Chan: That can't be true! I had so many dreams! Why am I living like an idiot?

Sang Young: [Comes closer to Hye Chan] Hye Chan, even though your mind can't remember me, your body might remember me.

Hye Chan: [Watching "Winter Sonata"] Bae Yong Jun also had amnesia. He regained his memory though. When will my memory return? [Cries]

[At CF Party]
Designer Won Joo: [Talks to Sang Young and compliments Hye Chan's dress] Oh! Your wife's fashion sense is so special. Oh! A cherry pattern. Not many people could get away with that. Oh! It's so cute!
Director Jang: Your wife is very attractive.
Hye Chan: Aww shucks, I'm not attractive. You must have low standards in beauty.
Director Jang: Am I really like that? Your wife is refreshingly honest.
Sang Young: [Nervously] Yes.
Director Jang: Kang Sang Young is rumored to be very loving towards you. Is he really a good husband at home?
Hye Chan: Err, yes. He treats me hella good. He doesn't yell or act disgusting. And he gives me lots of money to buy delicious food. It's just that he is a rude jerk sometimes.

Episode 3
Hye Chan: Your name is Noon, like snow?
Noon (High School Student): Yes, my mother said my history started on a snowy night. So, every time my mother fights with my dad she says, "If only it hadn't snowed that night, if only it hadn't snowed..."

Divorce Advisor: Divorce? What’s the reason for divorce? Infidelity?
Hye Chan: I have no memory of marrying my husband.
Divorce Advisor: Tsk tsk tsk! So it was a marriage under false pretences!
Hye Chan: False pretences? [Ponders] That’s right. He probably coerced me right?

[After consultating with the Divorce Advisor, Hye Chan found out that a typical divorce cost between $5000-$10,000.]
Hye Chan: Why does it cost money if I don’t want to live with him? Why is everything about money?

[Inside a therapist's clinic. After Hye Chan was hypnotized.]
Therapist: What do you see?
Hye Chan: It’s very hot. [Hye Chan saw images of camels in a desert] I’m sweating.
Therapist: No, no. That seems like a hypnotic regression. [Bewildered] Don’t go that far. Let's go somewhere in this decade. You are twenty years old. Twenty.
Hye Chan: It smells. A breezy smell. I see a light that says ‘motel’ on it.
[Sang Young got nervous]
Therapist: What are you doing there?
Hye Chan: Bong Man…took it off. [The therapist is feeling unfeeling uncomfortable.] Oh no! Bong Man is taking my clothes off. Ah, help me. Ah, Bong Man is coming closer! AH! AH!
Therapist: [Shouts] Wake up. Bong Man is bad.

Hye Chan: [Complained to the grandmother who sells spicy rice cake about her husband] I’m going to separate.
Grandma: [Yells] Hey! To whom are you saying whether you are going to separate or not. People these days always think about separating when nothing fits their way. It’s crap!

Hye Chan: [To Sang Young] I'll cook and do the laundry, but don't dream of anything else...You can't get within 2 meters of me after 9 p.m and you can't loiter around my room, understand?

Hye Chan: Why did you become an actor? Your grandfather hates it so much...
Sang Young: It's normal that you want something more when they say you can't...

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