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Giao Linh- Tam Su Voi Anh

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I love Giao Linh. I love her when I was around eigh or nine and I heard her voice through my father's cassette tape. She is one of the singers whose voice remains ageless. She always sang with all of her heart and with a lot of passion Even though this is an old song, it is one of my favorite songs that Giao Linh has sung because it really showcase her special talent of making a song seems personal. The song is about a girl lamenting over loss love. Although, she has made it clear to her once-lover that she was not trying to blame him. However, when I heard Giao Linh sang this song I could not help but feel that the narrator actually was feeling some resentments toward her former lover, and at last, there is some resentments for her life as a helpless young woman.

Composer: Hoang Trang
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: Confided with You

Dispassionately, you did not try to understand me during those melancholy nights
Now I am complaining, not because I want you to compensate me, but because I am heartbroken
Because the two of us have two lives that are like one
With a common sadness at the age of twenty-two
While I have yet to completely experience love
That is why I have woken up many nights, fearing and worrying by myself
After falling in love, I often fear that I would lose you in the future
I dream of a day where firecrackers covered the street with redness (1)
But my dream was unfulfilled
Why do you think it is so? Surely, only you will know
You often told me even if our love faces difficulties
You would still remain as my dear love, forever and ever
However, being a girl who has mistakenly falling in love has made me afraid of heartache

I asked the Superior Being to let me marry the person whom I will love for the rest of my life
To let the one I love, love me a lot
Like the betel plant loving the areca tree (2)

My dear, have you realize that I am secretly crying because of our failed love
On the remorseful road, I hope that you will come to understant that I only love you
I am content with accepting to love you in pain and misery
It was like God has already decided the fate of this little life
Why do you think it is so? Surely, only you will know
You often told me even if our love faces difficulties
You would still remain as my dear love, forever and ever
However, because I am confused that is why I confided with you tonight

Translator Notes:
(1) In Vietnamese culture, red firecrackers is usually lighted up when someone is getting married. Thus, this line implies that the narrator is dreaming of the day that she would get married.
(2) This is a reference to a Vietnamese folk tale about how the betel plant, the areca tree and the tradition of offering betel leaves and areca nuts on the wedding day came to existence. The folk tale of "Trau Cau" is a story about a small misunderstanding that eventually led to the death of the two brothers and the wife of the older brother. However, because of the intense brotherly bond and the deep love between the husband and wife that they each turned into a rock, a plant, and a tree after they died. The younger brother turned into a limestone, the older brother turned into the areca tree and his wife turned into the betel plant that entwined the areca tree--always remain by her husband side.

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