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Truong Vu – Yeu Nguoi Chung Vach MV

Composer: Vinh Su
English Title: Loving Someone Who Shares the Same Wall (1)
Translated By: Gigi

Her house shares the same wall with my house
Both of us shared one corner of the sky
One winter morning, the sound of firecrackers echoed
She married her husband, while I'm all alone

Our houses share the same wall, but
Why does my love seem so far away?
Is it because I'm poor and empty-handed?
Or is it because we're not meant to be?
Or is it because our red threads have yet to be connected?
That's why we could never be together.

Our houses share the same wall, but
Why does my love seem unrequited?
It's probably because I love in silence
Or it's because I'm so ugly
That's why she pretended not to see
Even when I presented to her my entire heart

One winter morning, there were cars and red firecrackers
They all welcomed her on her wedding day
The wall became sad and cold, as though it was lime (2)
I loved her without the chance to confess
We might share the same wall, but that was it

Our houses share the same wall, but
Why do we have to bid farewell to each other?
What is there to resent? What should I say now?
My entire life is lonely; I hear waves crash within my heart
So the Mynah bird became sad and crossed the river. (3)

Translator's Notes
(1) Okay, the title sounds a bit weird because there's no such thing in the US. But in Vietnam, this occurs often where two houses are built next to each other and these two houses share the same wall. So, they are two separate houses, they just happen to share the same wall.
(2) Lime is the chemical lime, not the fruit.
(3) I noted this in past with other songs so I'll make it short. The Mynah bird is a Vietnamese symbolism and in this case, it represents the girl that the guy loves. "Crossing the river" is a Vietnamese metaphor for "getting married" and it is only used for women who get married. And in the video, it just so happens that the girl crossed a river by bridge during her wedding.

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  1. Hey! this song is not written by Vinh Su is it ? Correct me if im wrong but vinh su wrote the version by Manh Quynh (Which is my favourite)! This version of YNCV compare to the MQ version he sing is terrible.

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