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Truong Vu & Nhu Quynh – Pho Dem

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Composer: Tam Anh
English Title: Night Lit City
Translated By: Gigi

Dim, blurry lights stretch across a night lit city
A color of white like stars hugging themselves to sleep
Many times I meditate within this night lit city
Whenever I recall those memories of my life
Of those days where the number of casualties grew

Black clouds cause the fragile moon to wane
That's why there are traces of warmth left
Situated in front of a thousand vague verses
Because one often dreams that life is like a poem

I miss those days where sun rays rest on trees
How I love those golden leaves that are now dissolving
Drifting clouds fly across skies without a care in the world
Causing the one I love to dream and hope
I set out to discover all the strokes of elegance

Although I'm a soldier away from home, I still appreciate life
With words from my song and the sound of my laughter
I still search for happiness within my dreams
Even if my words become dazed with longing, grief, and doubt

A night lit city in the middle of a strange land
It submerges in like the rows of frozen trees
A night lit city awaits the person exposed to the hardships of life
Someone who's fighting this war for a long time already
Someone who probably keeps his own feelings and wishes to himself

Please give me ten fingers like that of an angel's
Please give me ten fingers like that of an angel's
So that I can guide the person I love
So I can guide the person who doesn't love
And the person who hasn't loved yet.

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