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Quang Le – Xin Em Dung Khoc Vu Quy

Composer: Dinh Mien Vu
English Title: Please Don't Cry On Your Wedding Day
Translated By: Gigi

Don't look at me in that way,
With your eyes streaked with tears.
Although our love has not faded,
It cannot avoid the pain of separation.
Who could ever predict the future?
Who could ever imagine?
How could tears ever wipe away our love?

Memories filled with only bitterness now,
My heart is but an organ rubbed in salt
Yet why hasn't the salt dissolved in?
Everything is still here, but where are you?
We both live within two separate skies.
I hold resentment towards a love that won't disappear,
For the rest of my entire life.

A flower-adorned car guided you on your day.
To me, it's a funeral car bidding farewell to my soul,
Like a bleak and painful prison,
Like poison agitating in the middle of the night.
Like that refrain from a romantic love medley,
But all that's left is a sorrowful note.

Pain comes with every beat of my heart.
God is punishing us by causing our souls to never unite.
I'll wipe away the tears and try to crack a smile,
Just so you would feel at ease.
Let us wait till our next lifetime,
With a promise to love each other again.

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