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Quang Dung – Tinh Nho

Composer: Trinh Cong Son
English Title: Love's Yearning
Translated By: Gigi

Love seemed to be forgotten, like a heart's struggle to remain frozen
You seemed to be so far away, yet you return so suddenly
Oh, that dress which flutters freely, has driven the evening sky away
Like every flow of water washing away the gloomy days

Love seemed to have disappeared, but love is still brimming
You seemed to have departed, but your presence still lingers around here
Every gentle footsteps that have walked across your life and made their mark
Like every pebble dropping into the heart of a vast ocean

When the pain hasn't lengthen, then love has a hint of sunlight
When the pain has risen fully, then love has already become so immense
One person returns to the summit, while the other returns to the abyss
Allowing love to sink deeper, like the birds' shadows across the mountain pass

Love seemed to wither within us, but love is still bustling
You seemed to have forgotten everything, but you are still filled with longing
Every one of those hestitant fingers that brought this love closer
Like boisterous winds by the shore bringing an end to a wandering life

You seemed to be someone of the past, but then you suddenly return
Love seemed to exist remotely, but love is actually infinite
Oh, that grieving heart has known happiness once again for a moment
Like a distant shore that just experienced drought is already submerged in rain.

Translator's Notes: I found another video of this song and the video contains a comment written by Trinh Cong Son. I decided to translate it and place it here since it seems to suit the song and will possibly allow us into the mind and heart of Trinh Cong Son, even if only for little bit.

"I will always remember and adore the age of youth, which is an age of passionate love. While I do adore the wonderful years of my life, I also cherish that piece of my life that I have already lost."
- Trinh Cong Son

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