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Khanh Ly – Ru Ta Ngam Ngui

Composer: Trinh Cong Son
English Title: Silently Singing Myself to Sleep
Translated by: Gigi

Whose lips are still fragrant? Let me bask my love there.
Whose hair is still bright? Let me feel a bit of its naturalness.
Whose heart still possesses peace? I divulge in my life.
Please call out my name.

When love has flown away, the heart wallows in deserted streets.
On top of every drop of blood, a bird stands in silence.
When returning amidst winter, hands reach out belatedly.
I'll just wait for dawn to come.

Please wait for dawn to come. Why is life so quiet and empty?
Like harvested rice fields, like deserted forests and mountains.
Someone returns to look at his shadow rested on a silent, white wall.

Which streets are cheerful? Let me pass by there one day.
Which strands of hair float within tiny pieces of memories?
There's nothing. There's no one left. I drift within life.
I'm not waiting. I'm not waiting for anybody.

Return to where you came from. I'll wander for the rest of my life.
If there are still incense left, I'll burn them completely this evening.
Please let me rest within a cradle. I silently sing myself to sleep.
Please let me sleep under arches of trees.

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  1. .. my tears on my chic…Wow..i sang this song with my sister when i was 8 year olds (1973) She played guitar we sang together , she still in Saigon i call her every week from San Francico and i asked her still play music? she said too sad …Just because sweet , golden memories not there any more..

    Phu Le

    Thank you again

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