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Quang Dung- Khac Khoai

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Composer: Dieu Huong
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: Apprehensive

I'm sitting here afraid of the dark shadow
The dark shadow that passed through a long night
A dreary night. Oh, the desolateness of
My soul...I became apprehensive
Anticipating for every second, every minute to arrive
A cease to these pains
Waiting for light during the day-time
Like that once sense of hope
For the misery to end

Because you have already gone far, far away
Your past loving words resound
Daylight is approaching, already separating our love
Every passing night it's torturing me
In the dark shadow of departure

I'm sitting here retracing every step
Counting your returned footprints
But it's a far, too far trail
You're are still lost in daze
We used to love...Don't perpetuate
These endless pains
Creating broken pieces in our soul
Permanently engraving in each of our life
Wounds and scars

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