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Dam Vinh Hung – Thanh Pho Buon

Composer: Lam Phuong
English Title: Sad City
Translated by: Gigi

Which city was it? Do you remember?
The place where we both found our time of peace
Which city was it where we walked until we were tired?
Across the curvy roads with pine trees stationed at every corner
With our hands intertwined, we basked in the afternoon sun
Sunlight gently kissed your lips, coloring them pink
Your eyes were sad amidst the evening mist
I thought they looked even more beautiful...

Which morning was it? Do you remember?
Sunday was the day we spent our time together
The sad city laid still as the mist spreads
People grew silent, buried beneath the mist
I kneeled beside you in a corner of the church
Hearing our prayers, I weaved a future for our love
If God blesses us, he will let us be together forever

From then on, our love began to fade because of distance
From then on, you became someone's wife in distant place
Silently, I regretted this life of mine
While you cried your eyes out in vain
I returned to gather our memories in search of happiness

A sad city... filled with regrets
Where the evening wind blows, chilling my soul
And on that one road where leaves would fall
Without you, even the rocks feel sorrow
Without you, the streets feel so desolate
The sound of the evening bell slowly echoes across
Bidding farewell to the person who's forgetting the mountainous slopes
The person who's forgetting this love.

Translator's Note: The city that the composer is referring to is Da Lat in Vietnam. Once called “Little Paris” by the French colonists who founded it, Da Lat is now known for its beautiful mountain scenery and delightfully cool mountain weather. Due to previous French colonization, Da Lat is filled with European-styled mansions and Catholic churches built by the French. The composer wrote this song after visiting Da Lat.

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this song. It means so much to me.

    My uncle taught me this song playing guitar in VN when I was 7 yo. I know some Vietnamese bit not enough to understand all of the vocabukary. I have been searching for its meaning and trying to understand the song.

    The melody and the lyrics always bring me back to my memory of VN.

    Love love this song.

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