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Khanh Ly & Bang Kieu – LK Dau Tinh Sau & Le Da

This is a translation of "Dau Tinh Sau" which is the song at the beginning. The second song "Le Da" (literally translates as Tears of a Rock) will be translated later.

Composer: Ngo Thuy Mien
English Title: Imprint of a Sorrowful Love
Translated By: Gigi

Sunlight still radiates during the evening, letting the wind begin its search
For the trail of your footprints that have passed by many times before
Lyrics from a song emitting from sorrowful fingers
Leaving behind a frozen soul for a thousand years
Fragile years of age still ardent within the colors of those eyes

Violet clouds still present in the skies, letting the leaves daydream
Leaves weep upon those eyelashes causing sorrow to seep into those lips
Evening spreads to the mountaintops over our heads
Dulling this love causing those heels to bring forth sadness
Please let the feelings of resentment cover these streets

Music emits from the guitar, concealing the sorrowful years of age
Deserted streets, allowing leaves to return to their roots
To the person who's searching, please evoke these feelings of resentment
Ever since the wind carried the imprints of the earth
The road up the rocky slopes shrouding the marks of passion
Do you still remember or have you forgotten your words?

And so you have come to search for that mesmerizing voice
Those footprints of the past have now been buried in silence
The rows of trees dream of the shadow that appeared on those streets
I beckon out to you once the sunlight has faded
I call forth for love to plummet into oblivion.

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