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Diem Lien – Phan To Tam

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Artist: Diem Lien
Song: Phan To Tam (A Silkworm's Fate)

Lyrics Translation
Verse 1:
If you love me for being an artist
Then don't love me out of pity
And don't listen to people
When they spread rumors about me

You come here every night to this room
Colored lights adorned with flowers, a bittersweet feeling
I ask of you, please look up to the stage
Believe me more than the lyrics

Are you drunk from the sweet wine yet?
My feelings of gratitude, why aren't you fond of it?
Life is like the waves of an impartial sea
And I am a ship cast away from the shore

Do you still hear me as you sit there?
My feelings are rising passionately
Please don't blame my life as a singer
What silkworm doesn't wish to weave its threads?**

Verse 2:
Tell me what your heart is thinking
What sin do I carry for being a singer?
Perhaps I carry the heaviest sin of all
By causing the world to fall into a trance

Tell me, give me just one word
That having a career as a singer, I'm not lost
Thank you
Having a silkworm's fate, I wish to live my life weaving the threads***

*Meaning: A Singer's Fate
**Meaning: Which singer doesn't wish to continue his or her career?
***Meaning: As a singer, I wish to continue my career

Song Translated By: Gigi

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