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The name eversky is short for forever sky. It was chosen because it sounds hopeful and poetic. Eversky.org was purchased on April 2004 to be use as a personal weblog. Unfortunately, due to the owner's laziness, grand ambition, and constant change of mind the weblog never make it debut. After two years of collecting dust the website was finally put to good use. However, this time around the idea of using this website as a personal weblog was trashed. Instead, the owner has decided that the new website will just be a place that stored everything that will promote her procrastination during critical times (e.g., studying for test, working on term papers, etc.). It just so happen that the owner is easily distracted by cool Asian music videos, movies, dramas, and Asian entertainment in general. Thus, this website only purpose now is to store all of the mentioned in one place for easy access. Perhaps, one day this site will too accomplish what Youtube did that is got snatch up by Google for a hefty sum (a site can dream).

Eversky.org provides a multiplicity of fun to procrastinators and short-attention-span people everywhere, enabling them to learn something about Asian pop culture (among other useless and random information) while been highly entertained at the same time.


  • Entertaining fan music videos (MVs) created by the staff at Eversky.ORG
  • Official Asian music videos, live music videos, etc.
  • Lyrics translation to English (mostly Vietnamese lyrics) accompanied by music audio/video
  • Quick and dirty reviews of Asian dramas/TV series and movies: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. We are too lazy to write long and extensive reviews of anything. Heck! We don't even like to read them. Additionally, we don't want to disclose too much information about any movie/drama. We figured most of the fun is in watching the movie/drama, not reading about them. However, there usually will be official/fan made MVs or trailers for people who still need more convincing reasons to watch a certain drama/movie.
  • Funny/thoughtful quotes taken from Asian dramas/movies
  • Clear and high quality pictures of hot Asian celebrities (to gawk/drool at)
  • Profiles of your favorite Asian celebrities (so you can start your educational research on your ideal partner)
  • Fancy schmancy Eversky's online magazine (because we're bored and somewhat narcissistic...)
  • Occassional sarcastic/cynical/humorous remarks in the articles that we wrote


  • Latest Asian entertainment news. This is not a news website and there are plenty of websites out there that provided them.
  • Gossips and commentaries about Asian celebrities and their life. While we like to read them, we don't like to post them (at least, we're not that bore yet).
  • Asian celebrities' sighting areas, e-mail addresses, personal addresses, phone numbers etc. (Sorry, stalkers!)
  • Anti-"insert name of an Asian celebrity" content. Even if we are not fond of a certain Asian celebrity we will never post anything negatives about that person. We only critique dramas, movies, and music, not celebrities' personal life.
  • Download links to Asian movies, dramas, and music. We can barely feed ourselves, let alone afford a lawyer if there is a lawsuit against us.
  • Asian pr0n.

Viva Eversky
Name: Mikki
Interests: Anime, video games, web design, movies, photography, art, psychology, music, and travel
Favorite Actors: Lee Dong-Wook, Kang Dong-Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Song Seung Heon, Gong Yoo, Park Ki Woong, Mike He, Wu Chun, Joe Cheng, Matsumoto Jun, Sorimachi Takashi, Louis Koo, Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, and Jackie Chan
Favorite Actresses: Lee Da-Hae, Son Ye-Jin, Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Hyo-Jin, Kim Sun Ah, Zhao Wei, Nakama Yukie, Jessica Hsuan, Miriam Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Annie Man, Anh Thu, Tang Thanh Ha, and Minh Hang
Current Top 10 Dramas: 18 vs. 29 (Korean), City Hall (Korean), Coffee Prince (Korean), Dal Ja's Spring (Korean), My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon (Korean), Great Teacher Onizuka (Japanese), Nodame Cantabile (Japanese), A Step Into The Past (Chinese/TVB), State of Divinity 1996 (Chinese/TVB), and Time Before Time (Chinese/TVB)
Current Top 10 Movies: The Scent of Green Papaya (Vietnamese), Kung Fu Hustle (Chinese), Red Cliff (Chinese), The Myth (Chinese), My Neighbor Totoro (Japanese), Spirited Away (Japanese), H (Korean), He Was Cool (Korean), My Tutor Friend 2 (Korean), and The Classic (Korean)

Name: Gigi
Interests: anime, manga, video game, airplanes, aerospace, and drawing
Favorite Actors: Matsuda Ryuhei, Lee Jun Ki, Song Seung Heon, Matsumoto Jun, Dicky Cheung and Jackie Chan
Favorite Actress: Jessica Hsuan

The images, videos, and MP3s on this site are copyrighted to their respective owners such as the photographers, production companies, singers, etc. Eversky.org do not claim these nor do we earn any profit from them. If we failed to give proper credit for something please contact us and we would be more than happy to correct it. If anyone wish to re-post something on this website, it is considered a courteous gesture that you do credit us or the source.

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  1. Web master,

    Your activities are wonderful, however, for the sake of keeping this web alive and even making money, you need to consider a management strategy.

    I don’t know whether I can help but as my love to this web, just hint.

    Have a good night,


  2. Keep publishing! You have a lot of great content here. I agree with Binh’s suggestion, you need a strategy to make this profitable for you so you can continue to share with us. I appreciate the translations and love the old music. Thanks Gigi

  3. Gigi and Mikki,

    Your translation of Vietnamese songs were wonderful. Great job! It usually take more than just translating word for word. It takes understanding of culture and language in order to translate any language well. You have done a fine job!
    Thank you for doing this.

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