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Q: How come the video I viewed keep pausing?
A: That's because the video haven't fully load yet. To solve the problem, press pause and wait at least a minute or so before you press play again.

Q: How come I can't see the videos? All I see is big white space.
A: That's because you don't have the Flash Player install. Go here to download the application free of charge.

Q: Can you post some of my videos on this website?
A: Upload them first, preferably on Youtube, then send the video links to us. We will post them after we done checking them out first.

Q: Where can I watch some of the Asian movies and dramas you have mentioned?
A: If you don't have an Asian video store where you live that sell/rent Asian movies and dramas then you can try to view them free at DramaFever.com or Viki.com.

Q: Can I make a post on this site?
A: You may leave comments, but posting is a priviledge reserved only to the staff.

Q: How can I be a staff?
A: The easiest way to be a staff is to make enough contribution to this website. Then you will automatically receive an invite to join us.

Q: Can I submit my review for a drama or movie?
A: Sure, send them to us. After we make sure that it is appropriate we will post them and give you the proper credit.

Q: How come the comment I posted doesn't show up?
A: All first time comment posters have to have their comments approved first before those comments can appear on the website. This is to prevent the spammers and jerks.

Q: Why did you delete my comment?
A: There are three possible reasons why your comment was deleted 1) Spam (Promoting/selling something) 2) Pornography content 3) Bashing (Unconstructive and unhelpful comments, and comments that post for the main reason of putting down something or someone). Remember if you post for the purpose of spamming you will be banned from the site, we have a zero-tolerance policy for spamming. Additionally, if you repeatedly post any of the comments that fall in any of the categories mentioned above you also will be banned from the site.

Q: How does your rating system works?
A: [A+] Masterpiece > [A] Excellent > [A-] Great > [B+] Very Good > [B] Wonderful > [B-] Good > [C+] Satisfactory > [C] Average > [C-] Fine > [D+] Borderline Terrible > [D] Bad > [D-] Very Bad > [F] Unwatchable

Q: How does your chill/scare factor system works?
A: 1: Hardly Scary < 2: Somewhat Scary < 3: Creepy < 4: Spine-chilling < 5: Terrifying!

Q: What does MPAA rating means?
A: MPAA is the basic guideline this website uses to rate the violence level and adult theme in a movie or a series. For more information about the rating please click here.

Q: Do you take up requests to translate Vietnamese songs?
A: That depend on the song. We tend to translate songs that are of interest to us. Usually, the songs that we found interesting are songs with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody. So try us, be sure to include the original lyrics as well as the name of the song's composer when you make your request or include a link that have the above information.

Q: May I re-post one of the songs you translated on another website?
A: Yes, you may as long as you link back to Eversky.org and it would be nice if you give proper credit as to who translated the song. 🙂

Q: May I use the lyric translation of one of the songs you translated offline (e.g., print it on a program etc.)
A: Yes, you may if it is for non-commercial purposes. However, we would prefer that you contact us first to obtain proper permission. And we would also expect a proper acknowledgement (i.e., Give credit to Eversky.org and the original translator) after you have been approved to use one of the translations.

Q: May I use the lyrics translation of one of the songs you translated for commercial purposes?
A: Please, please contact us first if you plan to use one of our translations for commercial purposes. Again, we would expect proper acknowledgement if you were approved to use one of the translations for commercial purposes.

Q: Can I revised the lyrics to one of the songs you translated and re-post it?
A: The beauty of translating any song is that it can be translated in multiple ways based on one's understanding of the song and the perspective one hold about the meanings behind the song. We always try to translate any song to the best of our knowledge and try our best to capture the spirit of any song we translated. If you disagree with any of our translations then feel free to comment on it and give us your take as to why you think it should be translated a certain way. We will be more than happy to discuss it with you. However, we do not approve or condone anyone revising any of our translations without discussing with us first. Furthermore, we considered it as plagiarism or "stealing" if you only changed a few words to any of the song we translated and try to pass it as your own without giving proper credits.

Q: Can I direct link [insert name]?
A: No, direct link eat up Eversky's bandwith. Please don't be a bandwith bandit, download [insert name] to your computer and upload it on your own server. Trust us, the bandwith cops will hunt you down if you do not take our words seriously!

Q: Can I link this website?
A: Yes, and thank you. 🙂

**If anyone have any further question/comment/suggestion or you want to report dead links then please feel free to contact us.

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