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Khanh Ha- Mong Sau

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Composer: Tram Tu Thien
English Title: Melancholy Dream
Translated By: Mikki

Our love right now is like rain upon a river
Rain at the beginning to the end of a river
Our love right now is like a gust of winter wind
The wind blows at the first to the last of winter

Our love right now is like morning dew
After sunrise, the dew quickly evaporated
Our love right now is like a life in the winter
A life of sadness, a life in the blue winter

Love then built a grave
The lover then became indifferent
Love dissipated in trials and tribulations
And changed into daring footsteps
Crushing each other's life

After love ceased, I'm in deep pains
Holding on a dream; walking in the middle of the sky
After love ceased, your life is like those of flowers
The flower withers; the flower reaches its end season

Our love right now hurts like a beating stick
Lashing on the heart, black and blue marks
Our love right now is like birds with tired wings
The bird encounters a storm; the bird encounters rain.


Thien Kim – Chuyen Tinh Khong Suy Tu

Note: Only the first half of the video is the song featured here. The second half is the song "Pho Dem," which has already been translated.

Composer: Tam Anh
English Title: Story of a Thoughtless Love
Translated By: Gigi

Love had just budded yesterday
Yet today eyes are already filled with bitterness
Tears obscuring my faith in love
Tears washing away this dream-like state

My beloved, you're so far away
Robbing from me these feelings of love
Who am I crying for today?
Who will cry for me tomorrow?

My beloved, I'm crying over a foolish love
Dried tears bruising my eyes and lips
Overflowing tears washing away your love
Overflowing tears, thoughts brought them back

My beloved, I'm now so frail
Without any love left
Who am I crying for today?
Who will cry for me tomorrow?

So I'll just leave, so I'll just leave
Even though you're often quite heartless
Because I'm still.. still lingering over it
I'm away from you, I'm away from you
What's left, what's left now?
Where I can find the face of my beloved?

Why is love filled with lingering thoughts?
My beloved is now happy in a distant place
My beloved is away from my arms
My beloved has left me

My dear, what's left to love now?
My innocence has been killed
Who am I crying for today?
Who will cry for me tomorrow?


Dam Vinh Hung – Thanh Pho Buon

Composer: Lam Phuong
English Title: Sad City
Translated by: Gigi

Which city was it? Do you remember?
The place where we both found our time of peace
Which city was it where we walked until we were tired?
Across the curvy roads with pine trees stationed at every corner
With our hands intertwined, we basked in the afternoon sun
Sunlight gently kissed your lips, coloring them pink
Your eyes were sad amidst the evening mist
I thought they looked even more beautiful...

Which morning was it? Do you remember?
Sunday was the day we spent our time together
The sad city laid still as the mist spreads
People grew silent, buried beneath the mist
I kneeled beside you in a corner of the church
Hearing our prayers, I weaved a future for our love
If God blesses us, he will let us be together forever

From then on, our love began to fade because of distance
From then on, you became someone's wife in distant place
Silently, I regretted this life of mine
While you cried your eyes out in vain
I returned to gather our memories in search of happiness

A sad city... filled with regrets
Where the evening wind blows, chilling my soul
And on that one road where leaves would fall
Without you, even the rocks feel sorrow
Without you, the streets feel so desolate
The sound of the evening bell slowly echoes across
Bidding farewell to the person who's forgetting the mountainous slopes
The person who's forgetting this love.

Translator's Note: The city that the composer is referring to is Da Lat in Vietnam. Once called “Little Paris” by the French colonists who founded it, Da Lat is now known for its beautiful mountain scenery and delightfully cool mountain weather. Due to previous French colonization, Da Lat is filled with European-styled mansions and Catholic churches built by the French. The composer wrote this song after visiting Da Lat.


Quang Dung- Khac Khoai

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Composer: Dieu Huong
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: Apprehensive

I'm sitting here afraid of the dark shadow
The dark shadow that passed through a long night
A dreary night. Oh, the desolateness of
My soul...I became apprehensive
Anticipating for every second, every minute to arrive
A cease to these pains
Waiting for light during the day-time
Like that once sense of hope
For the misery to end

Because you have already gone far, far away
Your past loving words resound
Daylight is approaching, already separating our love
Every passing night it's torturing me
In the dark shadow of departure

I'm sitting here retracing every step
Counting your returned footprints
But it's a far, too far trail
You're are still lost in daze
We used to love...Don't perpetuate
These endless pains
Creating broken pieces in our soul
Permanently engraving in each of our life
Wounds and scars


Quang Dung & Thanh Ha – Co Ua

Composer: Lam Phuong
English Title: Withered Grass
Translated By: Gigi

If you still remember my name, please recall it within your dreams
If there's any bit of love left, please let it echo throughout
Am I still in love because there are times I reminisce on the past?
I'm truly forgetting everything, yet why is my heart still waiting?

Ever since you left me, I drown my miseries and sorrows with wine
A white cloth hung across my bedroom, as if I'm in mourning (1)
Turbulent storms collided the day you returned to that place
While I'm here still drunk on my sorrow every lonely night

One evening, you recited a poem on a hill
Even the grasses felt lovesick as they withered into a golden color
I weaved my own dreams with every sound of my guitar next to my loved one
That's when I realized that I had fallen in love

Oh, my "friend", this fairy tale of ours has diminished
Our love is like dust, I only hope for us to be together
I buried my head in my shoulders so I could hear my life shatter
I shouldn't hold onto the past; it'll only make me feel miserable.

Translator's Note:
Lam Phuong was one of the famous Vietnamese composer pre-Vietnam War. He wrote a lot of songs pre-war and sold them for lots of money. However, post-war he fled overseas and lost everything he had. During this time that he was poor, his wife hastily left him. He wrote this song during this incident along with another famous song called "Lam" (Mistake) with a verse that read "Anh da lam dua em sang day" (I was mistaken when I brought you over here).

(1) In Vietnamese culture, during a funeral ceremony, family members of the deceased would wear white and tie a piece of white cloth around their head. White can mean purity and innocence, but it is also a color associated with death. What this verse in the song means is that every since his wife left him, it's as if she had passed away because she is no longer beside him. He is heartbroken and is mourning his loss so to speak.


Baek Ji Young- Like Being Hit By a Bullet MV


Robber Fan MV

Artist:SG Wannabe
Song: As I've Lived
Creator: chibimikki


Quang Dung – Ta

Composer: Quoc Dung
Poet: Pham Ngoc
English Title: I
Translated By: Gigi

I'm drunken with sorrow
I'm laughing hysterically with the pain
I'm searching for the source
I'm escaping towards the open sea

I'm standing in front of the sky's entrance
I'm calling out to my lover of a hundred years
I'm inflicted with pain within a broken dream
I'm letting loose the words of remorse

I'm sinking into the river of my consciousness
I'm extending my hand out to beckon
The road on this world is dim and distant
I have yet to find my path of return

We lost each other yesterday
We search for each other today
I'm a different person every day
I'm a bird that has lost its way.


Nguyen Khang – Chang Khac Gi Nhau

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Composer: Truc Ho
English Title: Not That Different
Translated By: Gigi

How could you be so cruel to say that you hate me?
How could you be so cruel to say that you don't need me?
So does that mean I'll be by myself tomorrow?
As each tear falls, who could possibly sympathize with my heart?
For the past countless years, you walked together with me.
Yet, the words 'good-bye' escaped your lips today.
How could you? I'm still the same as I was yesterday.
I watch as life steadily drifts not knowing where it's headed.

Like every rock pebble that have fallen into the vast ocean's depths, (1)
You probably don't notice that at all; you're also the same.
You're not that different from it, my dear.
I'm not that different from them, my dear.
There's only one kind of pain.

Translator's Notes:

(1) I just want to point out this entire verse when the composer brings up the pebble and the ocean. The reason this verse sounds a bit confusing is because the Vietnamese lyrics are also ambiguous. Vietnamese doesn't use a lot of pronouns like English does so ambiguity can arise from that. As for English, ambiguity arises from not indicating which pronoun belongs to which object/person.

If a rock pebble falls into a vast ocean, the ocean won't notice that because it is so vast compared to the small pebble. So the composer is using the ocean to symbolize his lover and the pebble to him where his presence goes unnoticeable to his lover who is leaving him. "You're not that different from it" means that the lover is not that different from the vast ocean not noticing the presence of the pebble. That leads to the next line, "I'm not that different from them," where it means that he is not that different from the rock pebbles whose presence go unnoticed.

The last phrase, "There's only one kind of pain," he is saying how the pebble and he are feeling the same kind pain due to feeling like they're invisible.


Lee Ki Chan- Three People MV