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Daisy Fan MV

Artist: Hey
Song: Daisy
Creator: zettaireality


Il Mare MV

Artist: Kim Hyun Chul
Song: We Must Say Goodbye


Il Mare (2000)

Il Mare

Korean Title: 시월애 (Siworae)
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Starring: Lee Jeong-Jae, Jeon Ji-Hyeon
Screenwriters: Kim Eun-Jeong and Yoeh Ji-Na
Director: Lee Hyun-Seung

The title, "Il Mare", means "The Sea" in Italian.
The story begins with Eun-joo moving out of a house by the sea called "Il Mare". As she is leaving, she leaves a Christmas card in the mailbox, asking the next resident to please forward her mail to her. Sung-hyun, an architectural student, receives her card, but is puzzled, since he is the first resident at "Il Mare" and the card is dated 2 years in the future. After a series of back and forth correspondences, Eun-joo and Sung-hyun realize they are living 2 years apart, Eun-joo in the year 2000 and Sung-hyun in the year 1998. After some testing, Eun-joo and Sung-hyun discover that the mailbox at "Il Mare" is enabling their communication and they can pass objects through it.
Source: Wikipedia

Rating: A (Excellent)
Rewatch Factor: Medium
Comment: It is one of the few Korean movies that takes my breath away. The storyline is original and magical. This movie takes a minimalist approach that puts more focus on the two main characters and less around the backgrounds and the people in the background. "Il Mare" has a slow pace which for some people will required some time adjusting to. However, as the plot begins to unfold viewers will find themselves holding their breath and eyes glued to the TV screen anticipating what to come while trying to wrap their mind around what they have just seen. If you already watched the American remake version called "The Lake House" then don't pass on the original version, which in my humble opinions is the better version.


Daisy (2006)


Korean Title: 데이지 (Deiji)
Vietnamese Title: Hoa Cuc Dai
Genre: Romance, Action, Crime, Suspense
Starring: Jeon Ji-Hyeon, Jeong Woo-Seong, Lee Seong-Jae
Screenwriter: Jae-Young Kwak
Director: Wai Keung Lau (Andrew Lau)

An elite Interpol agent Jeong-woo and a ruthless hitman Park-yi, both stationed in Amsterdam and are in love with the same young woman, Hye-young. Hye-Young is a simple sidewalk artist, with dreams of one day holding a real exhibition in a real gallery. Her pure love will draw these deadly men into a spectacular showdown in the process, revealing Hye-Young's hidden past.
Source: Korean Film Council

Rating: A- (Great)
Rewatch Factor: Medium
Comment: Directed by one of Hong Kong most sought after director, Andrew Lau, who most famous works include the Infernal Affairs trilogy. "Daisy" have beautiful cinematography and haunting music that further add to the appeal of this movie. The music in particular is one of the driving forces that lead to the success of this movie. In "silent" scenes it is the music that help sustain the suspense and drama of the movie. The cinematography on the other hand keeps the viewer's eyes fixed on the movie. Every frame is well choreographed and no scene seems wasted. The plot of "Daisy" isn't new or complicated, but because this movie was directed by Andrew Lau everything about the movie seems daring and refreshing. In sum, this is an artful movie that offers another glimpse into three-way love and all the chaos that it can bring.