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My Tutor Friend 2 Trailer


My Tutor Friend 2 (2006)

My Tutor Friend 2

Korean Title: 동갑내기 과외하기 레슨 2 (Gonggabnaegi Gwaoihagileseun 2)
Vietnamese Title: Anh Ban Gia Su
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, School
Starring: Lee Chung Ah, Park Ki-Woong
Screenwriters: In Eun-Ah, Jo Joong-Hoon
Directors: Kim Ho-Jeong, Ji Gil-Wung

Junko, a Japanese of Korean ancestry, comes to Korea to find her sweetheart. She finds lodging at a guest house that provides room and board. Unfortunately, the room that she is supposed to stay in belongs to the owner’s son, Jong-Man. On her first night in Seoul, Junko is forced to share the room with Jong-man. Junko wants to find another place, but the owner desires to keep Junko as a guest and offers Junko free Korean lessons from Jong-man. It is going to be some adventure for Junko in Seoul!
Source: Korean Film

Rating: A- (Great)
Rewatch Factor: Medium
Comment: "My Tutor Friend 2" follows the success of the previous movie. This sequel has similar concept and charm as the first movie, but features a brand new cast.

It is rare for a sequel movie to be greater than the first, and for me this sequel is just so. The plot in this movie is also better developed than the first and thus has more heart than the first movie. The main cast in this movie is truly wonderful, and sparks fly whenever the two appeared together on screen. As first, I couldn't determine whether I like Park Ki-Woong, but quickly I came to appreciate his fine acting ability and his portrayal as Jong-Man, a guy with tough outward exterior and a soft heart. He carried a lot of weight in this movie, and largely because of him that the movie is so enjoyable. Down to his characteristic facial expressions, he has managed to make his character came off as humorous, lovable, and genuine. Lee Chung Ah also portrayed well as a sassy yet at time clueless female protagonist. Another thing that I love about this movie is that it has a great supporting cast, from Jong-Man's two mischevious best friends down to the adorable exchange student, George. This movie is also better when you watch it a second time because you will also catch some important scenes that you missed the first time you watched it. If only, all movie sequels were like this.


Let’s Go to the Beach (2005)

Let's Go to the Beach

A.K.A.: Summer Beach
Korean Title: 해변으로가요 (Haebyeoleuro Gayo)
Vietnamese Title: Tinh Yeu Tren Bai Bien
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Starring: Lee Wan, Lee Chung Ah, Jun-Jin, Kang Jeong-Hwa
Screenwriters: Jo Yoon Young, and Moon Hee Jung
Director: Lee Seung Ryul
Episodes: 14

Wanting to prove to his father that he's mature and can take on important work, Jang Tae-Pung (Lee Wan) decided to leave the big city to go work at a hotel resort that his older and more serious brother Tae-Hyun (Jun-Jin) was put in charge. Reluctantly, he accepted the job as a hotel's lifeguard just to be near his first love Min Joo-Hee (Kang Jeong-Hwa). Soon, he found himself falling in love with the country place and the sassy country girl from there, Yoon So-Ra (Lee Cheong-Ah). At the same time his brother Tae-Hyun also set his eyes on So-Ra and determine to make her his own.
Source: Eversky.org

Rating: B (Wonderful)
Rewatch Factor: Medium
Comment: This is an enjoyable drama that takes a closer look at the life of a lifeguard. Lee Cheong-Ah is very fit to play the simple but strong-willed young woman from a countryside. And Lee Wan portrays well the role of an immature and trouble-making young man. For the most part the drama is a pleasure to watch with little annoyances. However, I didn't like that a "we-might-be-related" card being thrown in this drama near the end. Why is that two people who finally found their way to each other must have something to drive them a part again? A plus side of this drama is that it's fairly short so it doesn't appear to drag as some dramas. Overall, it is a great watch if you just ignore the melodrama twist that was thrown in near the end.