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Fly, Daddy, Fly (2006)

Fly Daddy Fly

Korean Title: 플라이 대디 (Peul-lai Dae-di)
Genre: Drama, Family, Life
Starring: Lee Moon Shik, Lee Jun Ki, Poppin Hyeon Joon, Lee Yeon Soo, Kim So Eun
Screenwriter: Choi Jong-Tae
Director: Choi Jong-Tae

An ordinary businessman in his forties, Jang Ga Pil (Lee Moon Shik) returns home one day to find his daughter sexually molested by high school boxing star, Kang Tae Wook. Realizing that he has neither the money nor the background, Ga Pil couldn't stand up for his daughter like he said he would. With his father-daughter ties being threatened, he realizes that he must do something. He finally resorts to appear at Tae Wook's high school in an attempt to stab the guy but instead encounters another student, Go Seung Suk. Seung Suk agrees to teach Ga Pil how to box so that Ga Pil can teach Tae Wook a lesson and earn back his dignity as a father.
Source: iHeartJunKi.com

Rating: A- (Great)
Rewatch Factor: Medium
Comment: At first this sounds like a typical hero story where an unlikely guy goes to prove himself and probably ends up victorious in the end. The bad side is that it is just that kind of movie. The good side is that it has other elements that seperates it from other movies of similar genre. There are rarely any movies that portray a father-daughter relationship where a father is willing to risk his life to protect his daughter in such extreme ways. This movie has it and that's one of its key points. This movie does at a great job at emphasizing that Ga Pil used to be the average man working in an average company and loves his family very much. He doesn't deserve to come home one day finding out that his daughter was beat up by a bunch of punks. He doesn't know what to do especially when it's obvious that the punk's family is higher in status than him. Lee Moon Shik does a great job at portraying this father role. I could seriously feel his frustration at his own failure to protect his only daughter. Not only that, but Ga Pil's relationship with Seung Suk is like friends or even like a father and son. Seung Suk teaches Ga Pil to fight so that Ga Pil can regain his confidence and dignity. Seung Suk's past is revealed in the middle of the movie and that is one powerful and emotional scene. I think that Lee Jun Ki does a fantastic job at portraying Seung Suk, a mysterious adolescent with a painful and traumatizing past. One of the movie's highlights is the acting by these two main leads. It's true that the basic plot isn't anything original but it's the elements and other details that sets this movie apart from the rest. This movie is very enjoyable and a person doesn't really have to think much when watching it. It's a great movie that anyone can watch with their friends and family.


The King and the Clown (2005)

The King and the Clown

A.K.A.: The King's Man
Korean Title: 왕의 남자 (Wang-ui Namja)
Vietnamese Titles: Tro Dua Tri Quoc, Nha Vua Va Ten He
Genre: Drama, Period, Homosexual, Comedy
Starring: Gam Woo Seong, Lee Jun Ki, Jeong Jin Young, Kang Seong Yeon
Screenwriters: Choi Seok-Hwan and Kim Tae-Wung
Director: Lee Jun-Ik

The movie sets place in the 16th century during the Joseon Dynasty. Jang-Saeng (Gam Woo Seong) and Gong-Gil (Lee Jun Ki) are street entertainers/clowns/minstrels who are part of a travelling troupe. Gong-Gil, despite being a man, has a feminine look and is often forced to service the town officials who are interested in his looks. Jang-Saeng, tired of seeing his friend being abused, fights back and together they escape to Seoul.

However, upon arriving in Seoul, the two friends are disappointed to discover that the previous King has drove out almost all street entertainers deeming them as beggars, and so the hopes of achieving success in their profession seemed slim. When they met three other street entertains, Jang-Saeng plots a plan to mock the King (Jeong Jin Young) and his Royal Consort, Nok-Su (Kang Seong Yeon). As a result, they are arrested and accused of treason and setenced to be flogged. Jang-Saeng strikes a deal with Cheo-Seon, the King's minister, to let them perform in front of the King to prove their innocence. If the King laughs, they are innocent. If he doesn't, their heads will roll.
Source: iHeartJunKi.com

Rating: A+ (Masterpiece)
Rewatch Factor: High
Comment: Before I begin, I just have to say that I absolutely love this movie. It remains to this day, my number one favorite movie of all time. The acting, setting, plot, characters, and everything is simply superb. It's hard to believe that any movie could be perfect but I would say that this movie takes the cake. The setting and the costumes are so beautiful to look at and it just gives the movie that extra flair. However, what really brings this movie to stardom is most definitely the acting. If it wasn't for the amazing acting done by the actors and actresses, this movie would be one corner short of a full square. Lee Jun Ki really wows me with his acting as Gong-Gil, the effeminate clown who just has to be manipulated by everyone because of his looks. Gam Woo Seong, as Jang-Saeng, just impresses me with his acting as the fearless clown as well as him walking the tightrope! Jeong Jin Yeong sure convinces me with his portrayal of the evil yet child-like King. And Kang Seong Yeon does a great job as Nok Su, a Royal courtesan who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

I must say, that I watched this movie twelve times and every single time, it always excites me. It's definitely a movie that I will never get tired of. What I also love about this movie are the subtle clues and connotations hidden in the movie. It requires people to actually rewatch the movie again if they wish to understand it more. After watching it twelve times, you can bet that I understand this movie for what it's worth and I love it even more. The homosexuality is rather subtle in this movie, and if people aren't watching close enough, they might don't even suspect that it's there, other than what the King feels for Gong-Gil obviously. I greatly recommend this movie for anybody who love watching Korean movies or who haven't watched Korean movies before. This movie is one of the Korean movie industry's finest.


The King and the Clown Fan MV III

Artist: Lee An (이안)
Song: Please Protect Me (지켜줘요)
Creator: zettaireality


The King and the Clown Fan MV II

Artist: Lee An (이안)
Song: Lover (情人)
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The King and the Clown Fan MV

Artist: Lee An (이안)
Song: Pisces (물고기자리)
Creator: zettaireality


My Girl (2005)

My Girl

Korean Title: 마이걸 (Mai Geol)
Vietnamese Title: Co Nang Cua Toi
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Starring: Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Park Si-Yeon
Screenwriters: Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran
Director: Jun Ki Sang
Episodes: 16

When Gong-chan (Lee Dong-wook) meets the lively and beautiful Yu-rin (Lee Da-hae), he notices the resemblance between her and his long-lost cousin, whom his dying grandfather has been searching for. He hires Yu-rin to stand in for his missing cousin as a final gesture to his grandfather - but his own growing feelings for her threaten to ruin everything. The real drama begins when Gong-chan's ex-girlfriend, a pro tennis star (Park Si-yeon), enters the scene determined to win him back.
Source: DramaWiki

Rating: A (Excellent)
Rewatch Factor: High
Comment: I was not a fan of Lee Da-Hae and Lee Dong-Wook before I watched "My Girl", but I become one after I watched this drama. It was refreshing to watch Lee Da-Hae in this drama, especially after I saw her played the antagonist role in the drama "Sweet 18". Lee Da-Hae has proven that she is a versatile actress in "My Girl". She brings her character to life and still manages to be adorable. Her chemistry with Lee Dong-Wook is undeniable in this drama. One thing I particularly like about this drama is that it has many parodical references regarding other Korean dramas. Not to mention, this drama also has one of the best Korean drama OST that I have heard. Overall, "My Girl" is certainly a feel-good drama with minimal tears and lots of laughter.


My Girl MV

Artist: Mario & Nesty
Song: Never Say Goodbye


The King and the Clown MV

Artist: Lee Sun Hee
Song: In-yeon (Fate)