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Nhu Quynh – Chuyen Tinh Hoa Trang

Requested by Helena. We hope you like the translation.

Composer: Anh Bang
Poet: Kien Giang
English Title: The Love Story of a White Flower
Translated By: Gigi

It's been so long since I visited the neighborhood
Ever since the fires of war engulfed our homeland
Smoke from bombs envelope the ends of the familiar sky
Veiling over my beloved and the roof of the church

Ever since the war spread to this neighborhood
He emerged as a soldier to protect our country
To protect the violet dress imprinted with a white flower
To protect the school buildings and churches

Enemies occupied the bell tower to build their weapon base
Their weapons roared demolishing the bricks of the church
He gathered the shattered pieces and rebuilt the destroyed wall
Reclaiming the bell tower at the top of the church

But then that heroic man from the war
Died a proud death beside the shadow of his country's flag
The bell from long ago rang during his last moments
Bidding him farewell from the gates of the church

A white flower no longer adorned on a violet dress
But instead adorned on the cover of his coffin
A white flower no longer adorned on a violet dress
Oh, the immense sorrow from memories long ago

The funeral car has already disappeared from here
The bell of the church cried its final tears of farewell
That violet dress is alone this evening
Tenderly missing the white flower that now resides beside his grave.


PBN 88 Hop Ca – Doan Nguoi Lu Thu

Composer: Lam Phuong
English Title: A Brigade of Soldiers
Translated By: Gigi

Over there is the gloomy, deep forest beneath the evening mist
Our train is traveling along a winding track under the night’s full moon
Our hearts filled with joy during this night, let us gather together
Beside one another we'll sing forever to forget the long road ahead

As we go into the late hours of the night, the old forest is silently hearing our voices.
Our voices unite with the clouds in the vast sky, so bright and dreamy
Overcoming thousands of perilous miles, our ambition vows to endure
When leaving on our journey, we only hope for a splendid tomorrow

Oh! Do stop by, clouds of the quiet night; where are you headed?
Oh! Even clouds understand how the North is filled with suffering across the fields
Oh, forest! The moon shines brightly across our many regions
The moon is coloring our surroundings with music, warmth and happiness.
A spring-filled love overflows around us with distant hopes and dreams
But no one knows whether life is just a dream

Soon, the siren will sound and vibrate, tearing apart the curtain of mist
Nervous hearts within the deep forest, as we stay awake under the night
A brigade of soldiers hazily walking, not knowing where the shore is
Walking to build adequate food and shelter, humane, and freedom

Even if the road is still long and vast ahead, let's pass through the hills
Even if there are wide oceans and deep forests, there's no need to hesitate
Soon, there will be a day when mountains and rivers embrace a song of peace
Blue birds will twitter as they celebrate the return of our brigade
Blue birds will twitter as they celebrate a glorious day of our return.


Truong Vu – Rung La Thap

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Composer: Tran Thien Thanh
English Title: Jungle of Low-Hanging Leaves
Translated By: Gigi

The jungle of green, green leaves, trees drape over its path.
What kind of dreams does the city behind me hold?
I am a soldier in the middle of a long-lasting war.
That's why I could hear my first dreams sinking deeply.

From the radio, the girl would sing:
"I will love you forever, the worn-out soldier who's away from home."
In the middle of the jungle, her voice would rise.
But I don't see anything in the middle of this jungle.

Why not sing for the soldiers battling enemies on the bridge?
With muddy boots, still wearing their green uniforms.
Amidst gunsmoke at the camp, and tired eyes from lack of sleep.
After a night of combat, all we need is a word of appreciation.

Why not sing for those who are still busy fighting?
All we see are trees hiding the road back to the bustling city.
Why not sing for the mothers who miss their sons every night?
Why not sing for those who recently fell last night?

A worn path snakes its way through the dense, green jungle.
A soldier is accustomed to the hardships of each army mission.
I've heard the nonstop sound of gunshots since the day I was born.
So now I'm fighting a long war to bring peace to my country.

Please let your words touch people's hearts forever.
Do not sing like the birds atop the dense jungle.
Please be sincere about what you are singing.
Just like how a soldier loves the jungle's low-hanging leaves.

Translator's Notes
This song basically talks about the thoughts of a soldier during a war, in this case, the Vietnam War. This is one of the many, many songs about the Vietnam War. A teacher once told me that in order to learn about a country's culture, you must look at its music. Because there are so many songs dedicated to the Vietnam War in Vietnamese music, it just goes to show the huge impact the war has placed on Vietnamese people.


Quang Le – Nang Dep Mien Nam

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Composer: Lam Phuong
Lyricist: Ho Dinh Phuong
English Title: The Sun Shines on the Beautiful South
Translated By: Gigi

The Southern region has a peaceful sun, beautiful rice paddies,
and a love towards one's own native land.
Oh, my dear, let us hurry and depart onto the road early.
Dawn is still waiting, and so are the water fields.

Over here the sky is infinite. The sun of tomorrow opens slightly
over the mouth of the waterfall running onto the green fields.
Let us lean together, bringing each hand to offer our added strength
so that everyone can be happy with one another.
The plowed path of yesterday now overflows with new rice paddies.
Oh, how graceful the fields are!
Tomorrow will be the day where each grain will ripe in indulgence.
Together, we will admire them while smiling.

Look, the flock of native birds! Where are the birds flying to?
Perhaps to bring news that we are living with dawn right now.
The sound of singing seems so gentle.
That sweet sound resounding across blue skies.
How beautiful its feelings are...
Love is a passionate affection that binds our hearts to mountains and rivers.
It is a fondness towards our native land.

The thousand shadows of night have faded already,
with the solar rings rising, luminating on life.
Our village is gleaming with honor now!

Once the soldier finishes with his struggle to bring peace to Dong Thap and Ca Mau,
I, a farmer who's used to many hardships, will contribute my hard work
to prepare for a season that awaits an enlightening experience.
Because of the loving relationship between soldier and citizen,
it creates a feeling of warmth and tenderness where our homeland welcomes dawn.
Let us strive with each and every day.
Let us water the green fields together, and then live contently in peace.

Here is my loving homeland of the South.
The sun rises so splendidly on the joyful passing seasons.