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Khanh Ly – Toi Dang Mo Giac Mong Dai

Composer: Pham Duy
Poet: Le Lan
English Title: I am Dreaming a Vast Dream
Translated By: Gigi

I am dreaming a vast dream.
To the world around me, please don't wake me.

I am seeing a color of green,
Upon a leafy branch, drifting down onto me.
I am seeing a color of pink,
At every corner of the street, penetrating my soul,
From the refreshing sunrise to the fragrant sunset.
A breezy wind brings the essence of life,
Into me, filling my heart.

I hear the sound of happiness from every region,
Overcoming the endless night toward the stars in the sky.
I hear the sound of people's beating hearts,
A worried beat seeking the sweetness of life.
And as I look into my own heart, this love is blooming,
Blooming into many splendid birds.

Life, please don't stir me from my slumber.
I am still young and innocent, so let me dream once more.


Ngoc Ha – Hen Ho

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Composer: Pham Duy
Lyrics Translation: Gigi
English Title: To Date

One person sits near the edge of a river
silently listening to the water flowing towards somewhere
One person sits here
watching flowers drift with the water to any direction
The sky is raining
without stopping, washing over the pain
Yet, someone is planning a marriage
with hopes that July's rainy season will cease

Life causes two people who fell in love
to be separated by one deep ocean
Dating from autumn till spring together,
realizing this at first glance
Although this love won't subside,
we promise each other happiness in the future
Yet, the sky still rain so hard
causing the separation to lengthen

Water drifts faster still
Eyes are still glistened with grief
inevitably letting the soul drift with the colorless water
What's so great about destiny?
It's not letting bridges form
so please let the river bring us together

One person then returns to the river
engulfed in the curling waves of the water
One person sinks deep
even though July's lasting rain suddenly stops above
A painful love
sweetly drifts away with the water towards anywhere
Dating and meeting each other
so that the heavens will bless the next generation.